Disney Plus Favorites You May Have Forgotten About

If your winter break plans involve relaxing and getting cozy in this snowy weather, I have some recommendations for you! I recently got the free trial of Disney Plus and it’s definitely all its hyped up to be. If you are also a late 90’s/2000’s child, you probably remember having a million cassette tapes of every Disney movie. But of course, since we’re all old and tapes no longer exist, and your parents probably got rid of them all (sad ☹), it's probably been a minute since you've seen your old favorites. So now that Disney Plus is basically our whole childhood collection and more, here’s a mix of favorites you probably forgot about!

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is one original that can’t be beat. However, I kind of forgot about the OG version until I saw it in the movie library. I feel like it’s one of the less-watched originals, but it’s a good one! Maleficent, in my opinion is the best villain, and although she has two newer live-action movies, it’s so nice to watch the original if you only remember bits and pieces. Small details in the animation like Aurora's blue/pink dress and the cake were really nice to see again.


Freaky Friday

Although this movie isn’t as old as some, it was the perfect rebellious high school girl movie! I was still pretty little when Freaky Friday came out, but it made high schoolers seem so old and dramatic. I remember it constantly being on Disney Channel and watching every time it was on. Overall, the plot is fun, and it is a good pick if you’re looking for a 00’s throwback.


Brother Bear

A ton of people grew up having never seen Brother Bear and man, if this is you, you missed out! The songs are so good, and the meaning of the movie is sweet. Many original non-princess movies are super underrated. I think Brother Bear is especially good because of all the nature elements and its educational value for kids.


The Parent Trap

All I can say is iconic. I'm pretty sure all of us wanted to be a twin that traded places and confused other people. Plus, we dreamed to be as mischievous as them!


Cinderella II

Also underrated, but such a good sequel to the original Cinderella. I love that it clearly shows the hardships of Cinderella’s lifestyle transition as well as happy endings for the stepsisters. Their personalities and feelings are displayed beyond just being the villains of the first movie. They really started to change and grow on me!


Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

I used to watch this one every Christmas when I was small! Since the holidays are approaching fast, this is the perfect one to check out. I didn’t realize this when I was young, but this movie displays everything that could go wrong during Christmas. From decorating disasters, kids being bratty, selfishness, and family disagreements, Twice Upon a Christmas has it all. It’s very realistic and adorable all at once.

Of course, there are too many good ones to count! Just briefly scrolling through, these were the ones I forgot about but remembered to be some of my favorites. Cuddle up with a blanket and a hot drink to enjoy these favorites. Prepare to have your childhood memories restored!

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