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Disney Channel Stars: Where Are They Now?

Let’s be honest… Disney Channel ruled our lives when we were younger. Nothing was better than the early morning cartoons, afternoon specials, and Disney Channel Original Movies we all still cherish. We all had days where we would pretend to be sick and come home from school just to watch the Hannah Montana marathon. Our generation started binge watching T.V shows long before Netflix came out. Thinking back to those good ol’ days, you might remember some characters that you had completely forgot about.

Remember that poster of your favorite character you had hanging on your wall? The one right next to your Lisa Frank calendar! It’s okay to admit you totally forgot about them because so many of them have completely fallen off our radar! But where are they? Do they have kids? Are they starring in other shows? Dare I ask… Are they dead?

Have no fear! I’m here to get you up to date on some of these legendary characters we admired for all those years.

1.     Corbin Bleu

Corbin Bleu was a pivotal character in our favorite movie series, High School Musical. He played Chad Danforth, Troy Bolton’s right hand man. He taught us to put 110% into everything we do in life. His most valuable piece of advice was to “get your head in the game!” which I know was like half of our generation's ringtone. But something you may not know is that Corbin Bleu is engaged to Sasha Clements! They dated for three years and met when they starred in the Disney Channel movie How To Build a Better Boy together. He proposed with a diamond ring and a glass slipper in front of Cinderella’s castle at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

2.     Raviv Ullman

Who remembers Phil of the Future? Who remembers thinking that all their unheard of technology made this the coolest show ever? I did! But, speaking of Phil’s future… where is Raviv Ullman? After Phil of the Future ended after only two seasons, Raviv went on to star in several other movies such as Pixel Perfect, a Disney Channel Original Movie, an ABC television movie called Searching for David’s Heart and Contest, a cartoon network movie supporting the “Stop Bullying, Speak Up” campaign. He also made some appearances on Kim Possible, That’s so Raven, and even House. Most recently, he is a drummer in the band Reputante.

3.     Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol

We have heard a little bit about Raven Symone in the media recently as she came out of the closet and when she spoke about her experiences with Bill Cosby. But where’s our favorite best friend duo, Eddie and Chelsea from That’s so Raven!? In 2007, Anneliese van der Pol starred in the Broadway production Beauty and the Beast as Belle, and starred in the Bratz movie. Today she is focusing on her music career. She has released several of her own songs and has done a few covers as well! Something else worth mentioning is that Anneliese and Raven Symone are still the best of friends! How cute is that!?

Switching gears, Orlando Brown has not been doing very well for himself. He recently starred in the movie Straight Outta Compton, which did well for itself, but on Feburary 18, 2016, he was arrested for domestic violence and drug possession. In the words of Raven Symone, “OH SNAP!”

4.     Jason Earls

Best known for his role in Hannah Montana, Jason Earls is still doing well! He has continued to do a lot of acting for Disney. He starred in the Disney Channel Original Movies Dadnapped, Super Buddies, Space Buddies, and the Disney Channel Show, Kickin’ It! He's also made appearances in National Treasure and American Pie Presents: Band Camp. Because he is 38 years old, he is planning to retire from children’s shows and movies in 2016 to do work on independent films.

5.     Lalaine Vergara

Lalaine played Miranda Sanchez and was the ultimate best friend and the master of funky hair styles. She would have done anything for Lizzie Mcguire and made all of us want a friend just like her. But where has our beloved Lalaine gone? Today, she is still living in Los Angeles and claims that she is “just more on the relaxed side of things.” The only other journey she took was when she played bass in a girl band that did a cross-country tour for a year and a half.

Now how about a Disney Channel binge then a quick trip to Disneychannel.com? If you didn't play Lizzie McGuire Turbo Racer for hours on end, you're lying.

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