Discounts for U: The Perks of Being a Student

You may know of a few places where your Ucard can get you some great discounts, but are you aware of just how extensive that list really is? Below is a compilation of locations where you can receive discounts, just make sure to show your Ucard! Whether you are completing your shopping list or looking for fun activities downtown, use this list as a reference to help you decide. Many businesses offer discounts to students, but here are specific locations where you know discounts are given.  

Little Ceasar’s on 1095 E 500 S: With a UCard you can get breadsticks for just $0.99! Great quick pizza on the go, with breadsticks under a dollar!

Village Inn 910 E 500 S: You get 10% off with a UCard for any day except Wednesday. Who doesn’t need a slice of pie?

Office Max 410 S 900 E: With a UCard, you get a 65% discount on printing any documents (except for binder papers or large formatted papers). OfficeMax is the hub for everything student-oriented. Don’t lie, you’ve looked at those pens every time you go, but they’re just so pricy for pens.

Jiffy Lube on 677 E 400 S: With a UCard, you get 15% off any service. With the unpredictable weather in Utah, this can be a lifesaver!

Utah Symphony and Opera on 123 South Temple: Students with the UCard get a 20% discount on any tickets and access to "Student All-Access Pass" tickets. Go and get artsy, enjoy a night out at the symphony or opera!

The Pie Pizzaria on 1320 E 200 S: With a UCard, you get 10% off any purchase; the discount also applies to deliveries. If you’re a student at the University of Utah, there is no way you haven’t eaten a slice, or more, at the Pie.

The Dodo 1355 E 2100 S: You can get a discount on Game Days if you dress in Utah Athletics attire. GO UTES!

Ballet West 52 W 200 S: Your UCard can get you student rush tickets for $15 for a same-day show. The talent is unreal, go show your support for the amazing athletes.

Amazon: Students who are first time users get Amazon Prime (free two-day shipping) for six months Everything you could ever want you can find on

Red Robin 1313 Foothill Drive: With a UCard, you get 15% off your meal. In other words, driving there right now.

Holladay Cinema Six (“Water Gardens”) 1945 E Murray Holladay Road: With a UCard you get a $4 movie ticket. Movie ticket prices have skyrocketed over the last few years, enjoy a movie at a low price!

Brewvies 677 S 200 W: With a UCard, you can get $2 off a movie ticket. Again, thank you!

Costa Vida 1414 S Foothill Drive, Suite C: Your UCard will get you all daily specials for $7.99 any day. When do you not want a burrito?

Great Harvest 905 E 900 S: With a UCard, you can get 10% off any product. If you’ve visited a location, you know how fantastic Great Harvest is. If you’ve never been, make sure to grab a free slice of bread with butter on your way out!

Sam’s Club 1905 S 300 W: With a UCard you can get a $15 Gift Card when you open a new account. Free cash monies!

Tucano’s 162 S 400 W: Your UCard can gives you access to Tuesday Discounts: dinner for the price of lunch. There are also Loyalty Programs where every meal is $10 off. Come one come all, grab your friends and head on down!

Best Buy 261 W 2100 S: If you’re enrolled in at least one class, you can save $100 on a MacBook or iMac, $150 on select Blue Label laptops, and get 30% off a Swiss Gear laptop backpack. Bring your UCard as proof of enrollment. If you’re in need for new technology, look no further!

Apple Store in the City Creek Center: Students can receive up to $200 off a new Mac and $20 off a new iPad with a UCard as proof of enrollment. Yes. Just yes.

Microsoft Store in the City Creek Center: Students can receive 10% off any purchase with their UCard. Thank you, Microsoft.

Sony: If you open an account with your UCard, you can get 10% off all products. New headphones anyone?

Bed Bath and Beyond in the Sugarhouse Shopping Center: You can get a 20% off coupon an exclusive offers with Bed Bath and Beyond when you sign up to receive their college emails. Bed Bath and Beyond is true to its name, it really goes beyond and even further.

Banana Republic in the City Creek Center: Your UCard can get you 15% off all full priced items. Update your classy wardrobe here!

J Crew in the City Creek Center: Your UCard can get you 15% off your purchase. Never online shopping again.

Ann Taylor in the City Creek Center and 1170 E 2100 S: Your Card can get you 15% off your purchase. THE actual best.

Being a student can be difficult, and expensive. However, being a student can also get you perks, a thank you of sorts for educating yourself to then go out into the world and make it a better place. Thank you, students, for all you do!