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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Over Thanksgiving break, I had a little extra time for myself. With this time, I was most productive in watching movies! One of those movies was The Duff in which Bianca (Mae Whitman) was betrothed the “duff.” The D.U.F.F standing for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend.” And, though I don’t really agree with the name given to individuals who are overshadowed by their friends, I agree that many have been through this.  While this was a pretty witty movie and sort of heartwarming at the end, it got me thinking of how this relates to reality. 

1.      Approachable

We all have some friends or individuals we know who are just more attractive than ourselves. Most can accept this and move on. However, at the same time we can admit it made us a little sad and even annoyed when individuals come to ask us questions about our friends. But, even your most attractive friend may have been the approachable one when he/she is with another group of people.

2.      Adorable

The many times you were viewed as being the cute and adorable friend, as in baby-deer cute. And, it’s okay if you’re like deer and you’re fine with being as cute as one. Until, you see your crush or want to portray yourself as more sophisticated. Then the baby deer look goes to hell. But when you do get sophisticated, it’s rare and people notice.

3.      Third-Wheel

When many of your friends asked you to come along on their date because they “need you” and “it will be fun.” However, you end up on your phone all night and awkwardly trying to get away from the vibes the couple is fumigating. You end up promising yourself you will never do this again and up doing it the next week.

4.      Parties

When you go to parties you want to be in the luminous atmosphere with your friends. But, you end up making new friends with the family pets. They seem pretty chill. You might go get a few more drinks and just bob your head observing everyone else getting insane. You never were one for parties but at the same time you wanted to attend at least once in your life, the stereotypical party. And, hey! part of you has always wanted to dump a drink at a person. 

5.      Diplomat

You’re usually one that can go between groups and friends to get things done. You love the diversity of having friends in different places. You’re pretty good at bringing people and ideas together to make things more cohesive. However, your friends are always making sure you go and mend the bridges. 

6.      Sarcasm

You pretty much invented sarcasm and use it generously. You just want to make others a little frustrated, because, it’s fun. Not to mention you can get out what you truly want to say to someone, in a fun and convenient way! And while some of your friends may think it is childish and it helps avoid communication, you just continue you own your little sarcastic way please.

7.      Noticeable

In the end, you just want to be noticed. Not like too much, but enough to make sure others know who you are. When you get looked over many times by individuals it starts to make you feel like no one cares. But the ones who care will always notice changes in you. 

8.      Strong

Because you went through most of the previous steps, you’re strong enough to know how important you really are. When you want to shine, you shine brighter than the sun because of how rare you are. It is important to understand that although many don’t seem you realize your worth, when you get people that do, it seems to be more meaningful. Plus, we are all little weirdoes in some way. 

So collegiettes, it is alright to consider yourself the friend you goes unnoticed sometimes, but know that you’re unique in your own way. 

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor