Cute, Inexpensive Ideas For Your Next Date

Dating in college likely means that you and you're partner probably can't afford to spend $50 every weekend on dinner for two. When you're a broke student, even going to the movies can feel like a splurge. Luckily, there are still affordable ways to go on fun dates while you're still in school. Whether you're going on a first date or have been dating for years, here are some cute date ideas to brighten up your relationship!

  1. 1. Go ice skating

    Ice skating can be exciting whether or not you're good at skating. It's a great way to talk while there's still something else going on to fall back on if you run out of things to talk about. Plus, you can take adorable photos. 

    girl taking picture of a couple ice skating
  2. 2. Go Pokemon Go hunting together

    Although this one may sound a little 2016, I can assure you Pokemon Go is still a thing, and it can be super fun to run around trying to catch Pokemon together! 

  3. 3. Go to the drive-in movie theater

    Drive-in movies are adorable, and there are multiple around the Salt Lake area! Redwood Drive-in includes two movies for only $9, so load up the back of the car with pillows and blankets, grab some snacks, and enjoy the show!

  4. 4. Put together a puzzle

    Puzzles can actually be a super cute date idea! Puzzles allow you to work together on something, and you have an awesome finished piece afterward. 

  5. 5. Bake cookies together

    Baking cookies is a scrumptious way to work together, plus you get to enjoy delicious cookies afterward!

    Msu Spoon Universitycookie Dough
  6. 6. Go to a park 

    Bring a hammock, play soccer, or just swing on the swings at the playground- there are a ton of things to do at parks that can make super fun, cute dates. 

    two women sit on a swing set. they are facing each other.

All of these date ideas are simple and inexpensive ways to change up your normal date routine and create memories! Next time you can't think of what to do for a date, and you don't want to spend too much money, try one of these ideas for an easy, cute hangout.