Crafting for Your Little: Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration

It's officially Big/Little season! Which means it's time to grab your glue gun and glitter, and get crafting. While this is one the most wonderful times of the year, crafting for your Little can be stressful. There are tons of questions running through your head like… Is her favorite color really orange? Does she want 10,000 skittles? Am I doing any of this right? When in doubt, adding more glitter is always the answer. But for everything else, here are some crafting ideas for the newest member of your sorority family!

For Bigs who don't think they are good at crafting:

Just like in the Pixar classic Ratatouille when they say, "everyone can cook" the same goes for crafting; really, everyone CAN craft. It's just about finding works best for you. Here are some easy ideas to make crafts for your little that are easy as pie!


This canvas is super easy! Just grab your little's favorite paint color and paint strokes horizontally on your canvas. Make sure your brush isn't very wet with paint so the brush marks show. After that grab a pencil and do a quick outline of what you want it to say. Go over it with a sharpie and you're done!

For this next simple canvas paint the entire surface dark blue, then put on a few diamond-like gems as stars, so you can play connect the dots to make the Big and Little Dipper. Get it? Big and Little? HAH. I crack myself up.


For these letters, grab an old CD and smash it like it's nobody's business. With your broken CD pieces, arrange a mosaic pattern, glue the pieces down, and you are good to go!

This is a super easy way to make letters that will add color to any dorm! Get some fake flowers in your Little's favorite color, and hot glue them so that the entirety of the letters are covered in flowers. This will be sure to win your Little's heart!


For this simple yet beautiful paddle design, stain your paddle however dark you want, then add some fake flower stickers! You can line the border with pearls for that extra "umph."

This awesome geometric design is easy to achieve with some tape and paint! Put your tape where you DON'T want the paint to show up (an easy mistake to make). Once you've come up with a design, paint over everything, and peel off the tape to reveal your finished product!

For all of the master crafters out there:

This is what you have been working up to your entire crafting life! This is your time! For you, it's all in the details. That's how your Big/Little gifts will stand out from the rest. Because you are already a crafting wizard, you might as well try new things and challenge yourself!


This canvas is a little more complicated, but is easily customizable! Paint a floral background on your canvas that can be as detailed as you want, then add a quote that applies to you and your Little. You can always go over the top with Sharpie to make sure your wording is clean.

This canvas is a super cute option, because everyone loves succulents and cacti! Paint two small cacti on your canvas and then write "You're stuck with me" in gold writing.


For these letters, it is all about patience. Taking the time to paint dot after dot to make flower after flower, can get tiring. But, if you have the stamina, this is the perfect letter design for you!


These letters give me major summer vibes and I LOVE them. For this design, just stain your sorority letters and go to town painting sunflowers. These letters could add a cheerful, sunshine-y touch to any room!


This first intricate paddle is very special because of all of the work that was put into it. I can't even imagine how long it took, but props to them! You can try to copy this exact design, OR you can always simplify it depending on what you want, and your skill level.

Both of these paddles are both FULL of small details. This second paddle has great complementary colors and is Disney themed (a major bonus). Nothing could be better. To achieve either of these paddles you will have to sit down for hours binge-watching your fav Netflix show, but, on the plus side, it will be totally worth it. 

I hope you have more crafting ideas for your little than you did before! Remember, that no matter what you make for your little, she will be VERY grateful. It's the effort that counts, so don't put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun, and I hope you get the Little of your dreams!


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