Comedy Specials for the Stressed Out College Student

As we progress further in the semester, it is very easy to get stressed out, and sometimes we just need a break to help us calm down, and enjoy the life unfolding around us. Comedy specials are a great way to relieve some of this stress, and just one can brighten your day tremendously. Here are some great specials to help you escape college for an hour or so.


1. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

This special is hilarious for many reasons. First of all, Ali Wong is pregnant during the special, so she waddles around the stage the whole time, making her audience explode with laughter. Also, like many comedians, Ali has no filter. She says what she wants when she wants. She talks about pregnancy and locking down the perfect guy, and she does this in the funniest way possible. If you want crazy stories, great impressions, and an amusing break from homework, this is the special for you.


2. Amy Schumer: The Leather Special

Amy Schumer is known for her immodesty, and that is part of what makes this special so great. Three minutes into her set, she claims that all good comedians have a leather special, where they wear all leather and regret it later in their careers: this is hers. She is witty, raunchy, and unapologetic, and she discusses love, life, dating, and womanhood. This special is definitely for mature audiences only, but it is sure to give you some gut-busting relief from the stress of college.


3.  Bo Burnham: What.

Bo Burnham takes a unique approach to comedy: he presents it in the form of a song. Each of his songs are catchy, wacky, and will have you singing them and laughing for days. This special is laugh-out-loud funny, surprising, honest, and simultaneously real and surreal; it discusses just about everything. His wit, timing, and genius writing make this special absolutely hilarious, and it is sure to brighten your day after a tough day of classes.


4. John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid

This is an absolutely fantastic comedy special. John Mulaney sets himself apart from other comedians, with his special talent of taking something simple, like writing a birthday sign, and making it unbelievably hilarious. This special talks about relationships, a run-in with a baby, the time John met Bill Clinton, and if none of those topics interest you, his special has something to offer every viewer. If you enjoy sarcasm and charm, this comedy special is sure to make you laugh, and make your life a little lighter.


5. Iliza: Elder Millennial

This is without a doubt my favorite special on this list. Iliza is very relatable for the average millennial girl, and she is hysterically entertaining. She uses unique body language, characters, and random phrases to keep her audience laughing every second. In this special, she explains the secrets of women, flaws with dating, and she always tells it like it is. This comedy special is super refreshing and is sure to make your entire week better. I highly recommend it.


College (and life in general) can be very stressful sometimes, and every once in a while, we all need some time to just relax and have a good laugh. To the next time you find yourself overwhelmed and in need of some comic relief, refer to this list and give yourself some time to escape from reality. All of these specials are available on Netflix, and some are available on Spotify for humor-on-the-go. Enjoy!


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