College Capsule Wardrobe



Let’s be honest… most of us are poor college students living off of ramen noodles and hope. Because of this it’s impossible to have a Cher-from-Clueless type of closet. But just because we can’t have an abundance of clothes, doesn’t mean that we can’t make the ones we have count. The picture above is a “College Capsule Wardrobe” so you can make the most out of your limited closet space and limited spending money. But how exactly do you put together your own college capsule wardrobe? Well...I'm here to tell you just that. 


With tops it’s all about having basic pieces that can be layered and worn again and again. Basic tees and sweaters are the perfect starting point to any outfit. Having tops in neutral colors is the best way to go because you can wear them in so many different ways. Of course, you can’t forget to have a go-to pullover or hoodie to thrown on those days when the library becomes your new home, and you just can’t manage to put on anything else. Also make sure to have your trusty going-out-on-the-weekends top, that is a little more fun.


Layers are key to having a versatile wardrobe. Cardigans and lightweight jackets are perfect in the spring and fall time to spice up your favorite t-shirt. Having one really warm coat is essential for those walks from class to class in the middle of winter. It’s also fun to have your University hoodie for football games, or days you are just feeling a little bit of extra school pride.


Having at least one nice pair of black and blue jeans is crucial for a capsule wardrobe. Both can be dressed up or down for any occasion you may have throughout your college experience. Besides having just your basic pair of jeans, make sure you have a fun pair of jeans when you want to mix things up a little bit. These could be ripped jeans, mom jeans, embroidered jeans, or anything else your denim-loving-heart could possibly imagine. And don’t forget to have a trusty pair of leggings or sweats for those early Monday morning classes!


One of my best fashion investments I’ve made while being in college is buying a black button down skirt. These are crazy versatile! I’ve worn mine to football games, to class with tights, and to about every themed party you can imagine. You also want to invest in dresses that you can wear to more casual events or dress up with heels when needed.


When it comes to shelling out some extra cash to invest in certain items, shoes are definitely one of the best items to invest in. For boots you’ll want a cute pair of ankle booties for most occasions, and a nice pair of winter boots for those extra snowy days. You’ll want a pair of Nikes or Converse to wear on your more casual days with leggings and especially during finals week. Also, make sure to have a pair of versatile heels for those days when you need to dress up a bit more than usual.


All-in-all the most important thing to remember when you have a limited wardrobe, is to have pieces that can work for more than one occasion. Having fun accessories will also help change up your look, and make it look like you have more than you actually do. Also the type of clothing you wear, and the amount of certain pieces you own, can be dependent upon your major. For example the closet of a business major may be very different from a dance major. Either way, have fun with whatever you wear, and enjoy the process!