Chrissy Teigen's Toilet Literally Disappeared. Literally.

Today surely started like any other for model, chef, internet personality, wife of John Legend, and lover of tiny food. Until the absolute unexpected happened.

And as if understanding that this concept was simply too surreal, as if it was Dali's most understated and bathroom-related painting, Teigen naturally had to include photo evidence of her predicament.

Now would be a good time to note that Chrissy Teigen has given birth once before and is currently preggo, so surely peeing crises are no minor dilemma. Concerned followers, left hanging by the note of her "releasing a little" took to public opinion to find what must have occurred.

Logistically speaking, the sink is too high up to reach (as evident in Chrissy's picture of her bathroom) and another bathroom would be too far were she mid-release. One would have to assume that Chrissy can't pee on her high-end fashion statements, so (at least to me) the tub is the only reasonable solution. 

Fortunately, John came in with answers. 

And it was exactly what we should have expected from the Teigen-Legend household.

We'd hope that the household has plenty of other bathrooms so that Chrissy never finds herself in mid-release catastrophe again, and we'd have to imagine the "fancy Japanese ones that opens itself and washes your butt" will bring Chrissy, John, and daughter Luna (and the one on the way!) much joy in years to come. 

All images sourced from Twitter.