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A Bucket List for Every University of Utah Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Every school has its own bucket list items. Sometimes this kind of bucket list can become overwhelming, so I’ve compiled just a few of my favorite things I did while attending the U of U. If you don’t already have plans this weekend, try and check one off the list!

Hike the U

Depending on how much hiking you enjoy, you can drive almost right to the Block U. I’ve also heard of people walking from the stadium to the U on gamedays. The last time I was there, there were a few people having picnics, which sounds like a blast. There’s a great view and it’s perfect for taking a few pictures. The trailhead is located on Tomahawk Dr. and there’s a short walk to the base of the Block U.

Write your name on the wall of the Pie Underground

The Pie Underground is below President’s Circle and a classic Utah student activity. On any given weekend, it will be packed with students and even alumni. Pretty much everything is greasy and delicious. My all-time favs include the wiseguy pizza, the chedda pull-apart, and the cinn-a-part. I’ve always enjoyed going with a big group and splitting a few pizzas. Bring a sharpie (metallic ones work well) to write your name or a message onto the walls or ceiling. Students have been writing on the walls for decades, so see who can find the oldest signature.

Attend a gymnastics meet

The U of U Red Rocks have been nationally ranked numerous times. In my opinion, they are one of the most consistently competitive teams at the University of Utah. In addition, they’re fun to watch; you’ll be in awe of the tricks they can do. The student section usually fills up quickly so go a little early to make sure that you and your friends can sit together.

Visit Red Butte Gardens

There are tons of things that your U card gets you access to and this is my favorite. Located above campus is Red Butte Gardens, which has gorgeous, well-maintained gardens spring through fall. When I lived on campus, I went most weekends. My favorite garden is the fragrance garden. It can be a great place to wander and unwind while engaging with nature.

Hike the Living Room

I feel like this is the go-to hike for many student groups, so if you’re in a club you may end up doing this hike. The hike is steep but short. At the top, there are panoramic views and rocks set up like couches. There are many trails that intersect so have the directions pulled up so you don’t get lost. Make sure to leave time to build your own sofa. I’d suggest doing it on a clear day so that you can see the whole valley from the top.

There are so many amazing things to do in Salt Lake City as a U of U student. While this list is by no means the complete bucket list, it can serve as a basic guide that will help you to make memories you’ll treasure. The only question left is what to do first!

Senior at the University of Utah studying Strategic Communication and Design.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor