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Best Ways to Beat Bloating

It’s almost spring break time, which usually means swimsuit shopping, beaches, and hopefully some sun, relaxation, and maybe the occasional party? A lot of people go into the New Year with the hope of having that perfect beach body by the time spring break rolls around, but ya know, sometimes life (and the occasional piece of cake or pint of ice cream) gets in the way of those plans to consistently workout, and eat healthy to get the best results—its hard!

            It’s important to feel confident, while putting on that slightly revealing one, or two-piece swimsuit for spring break, and it’s easy to feel or even be really bloated. Most people don’t know why bloating happens, or how to fight it, but I think its pretty safe to say, bloating and swimsuits, don’t agree.

            According to Michael Jensen, MD, at the Mayo clinic, bloating is not caused by “water weight”, but rather intestinal gas and some of the best ways to combat it is by:

  • Eat a fiber rich diet: lentils, black beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, raspberries and most importantly avocados are all very high in fiber!
  • Take your time eating.
  • Rather than carbonated drinks, try water, or peppermint tea.
  • Eat less sugar-free foods.
  • Limit sodium: make sure to read nutrition facts, recommended amount is about 1 1/3 tsp of salt per day.
  • Other foods to combat bloating include: kiwis, bananas, asparagus, ginger, lemon, or cucumber.

As helpful as these tips can be to getting that last minute bikini body, there is no better way to lose weight and feel better than to make a gradual lifestyle change and actually decrease belly fat, and keep it off. All of the foods, and tips listed above are healthy habits of eating and living, to incorporate in your everyday life. If you find yourself suffering from uncomfortable bloating that make you want to keep the coverup on, these are some great ways to help you get that last minute spring break confidence we all need so you feel your best! 

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