The Best True Crime Docuseries to Binge This Winter

Something about winter makes us all homebodies – whether it’s the cold outside contrasting with the warmth of your home, the overcast skies making it always feel like evening, or simply the almost complete lack of activities, we find ourselves inside 90% of the time through November and March. But as the winter goes on, and we find ourselves approaching spring, we start running out of entertainment. But don’t you worry! I’ve got you covered in terms of true crime recommendations to horrify you from now until the sun decides to join us for good.

Making a Murderer

This is an absolute classic, one of the original modern true crime phenomena. The analysis of Steven Avery’s multiple cases and continued battle with law enforcement is engaging and forces a new perspective on what each criminal case could be hiding.

The Staircase

Part two of the original true crime docs, The Staircase is the in-depth look at the murder of Kathleen Peterson. From a group of French filmmakers, this documentary finds itself inside the home of Michael Peterson and his family throughout the piece, offering a unique perspective that most true crime entertainment doesn’t normally get.

The Confession Tapes

This is something of a throwback to Making a Murderer, with individual episodes exploring different instances of false confessions. From those exonerated with evidence proving their innocence to those serving long sentences in prison, this show analyzes how people can end up confessing to crimes they didn’t commit.


Almost all First World countries have abolished capital punishment, however the United States isn’t one of them. This docuseries explores inmates who were given death sentences, and what brought them to death row. More than anything, these stand-alone episodes show the humanity we all cling onto against all odds.

A Crime to Remember

If you’re ever searching for well-told stories of murder against a backdrop of aesthetically-pleasing vintage scenes, this is the show for you. A look back at crimes from the 50s and 60s, this is a great blend of incredible cinematography, and docuseries meets actually good reenactments (plus, literally everyone on the show is beautiful).

So, settle down, pull up your favorite streaming service, and get yourself educated on the best (and weirdest) true crime stories throughout history. What other uncomfortable conversation topic do you have for your blind date on Valentine's Day?

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