The Best Taylor Swift Songs for Every Kind of Breakup

Nobody needs to say "breakups suck" twice. If you've ever been through one, you know. And in pop music, no one knows this better than Taylor Swift. Since she first started releasing music in 2006, Taylor has blessed us with some of the best tracks to belt out during every stage of our heartbreak. Whether you dated a total jerk or just lost the love of your life, there is a Taylor Swift song for the end of every relationship. Read on for the nostalgic tracks that just might be the secret to quelling your broken heart. 

When You Dated A Total Jerk 

So you were lured in by what should have been classic jerk signals. Maybe you ignored the fact that other girls were texting him or pretended like it didn't bother you when he cut the sleeves off his t-shirts to show off how ripped he was at the gym. It's in the past now, right? And you're really angry. What better way to grieve than to belt out a classic getting-over-a-douche-bag anthem like "Picture to Burn"? And if you caught him with another girl? Cue another old-school Taylor hit — "Should've Said No".

When It's So Off This Time 

Can somebody cue the sound of 2012, please? "We Are Never Getting Back Together" was not just a top pop hit when you were in high school it's also relatable as hell. Turn this track on the next time you call it off with your on-again/off-again SO and call it quits for good this time.

When You Were In The Wrong 

So you couldn't decide if you wanted to date that cute girl from Spanish class or not, so you acted like a total flake and led her on for months. Or you thought you wanted to be with your best guy friend, but you just made a mess of things and couldn't commit. "Back to December" is the example Swifties use when people ask for the song where Taylor admits that "it's all her fault" (a request that would never be made of male artists like Ed Sheeran or Bruno Mars, but I digress). Play it the next time you regret ending a relationship. 

When You Thought They Were The One 

Okay, so maybe he wasn't the one, but he was really special. Or maybe you had already planned a future with her when she initiated the breakup conversation. Either way, the worst kind of breakups happen when one person sees a future for the relationship that the other person just doesn't want. For these difficult situations, cue "Sad, Beautiful, Tragic" or "Last Kiss" and prepare to bawl

When The Split Was Particularly Nasty

In my twenty-one years of life, few YouTube videos have moved me as much as Taylor Swift's "White Horse", where she weeps openly on the floor after seeing her boyfriend walk into an apartment carrying groceries for another girl (admittedly, I don't spend a lot of time on YouTube). Seeing Taylor's body shake with (fake) sobs makes me weep openly to this day. Cinematic masterpiece, truly. This is the perfect song for a relationship where your Prince or Princess Charming cheated on you. Similarly, "Dear John" is an excellent six-minute, forty-four-second devotion to a relationship filled with manipulation and other toxic behaviors. Play either of these hits when your relationship burned down in flames. 

When You Finally Have Some Clarity 

He told you it wasn't you, it was him — and honey, the cliche rang true. Or she wants to get back together, but you already know it would be a horrible idea. "All You Had to Do Was Stay" is a great pick for when your partner left and then wanted to take it back. And you can play "I Almost Do" for the times when you want to go back but know that you can't. 

When You're Still Not Over It 

Sometimes, even months after a breakup, you just can't seem to let it go. If you're still waiting for a fairy tale ending, play "If This Were a Movie". Or if you know it's over for sure but can't stop holding on, play what is arguably the most poignant Taylor Swift song ever written, "All Too Well". "You call me up again just to break me like a promise/So casually cruel in the name of being honest?" I was crying when I listened to this while in a relationship. And if you're reflecting in a more positive light, but the memories are still bittersweet, hit another one of my favorites, "Holy Ground".

When You're Over It For Real

Somewhere, at the end of your breakup journey, you will meet someone again. "Begin Again" is the song you should listen to when you need to remind yourself that love is still out there, the person you just lost isn't the only person you will ever love, and, someday, everything will be okay. 

Your partner may no longer be there for you, but over ten years (!!!) of Taylor Swift music is. Cue one or two or all of these songs the next time you lose someone you love. Who knows, it just might help you cope until you meet that next someone special. 

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