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Best Spotify Playlists for Every Occasion

Spotify is one of my closest friends and something I turn to at any given moment. With the student discount that only costs five dollars a month, it’s affordable and provides all the music I could ever want. With the thousands of tracks that it has to offer, Spotify can be slightly hard to navigate. If you’re looking for certain types of music, but nothing seems to be good enough, here are some of my favorite playlists for every occasion.

Studying: Study Vibes, created by Filtr US

 Even if you only kinda like electronic music, this playlist will help get you in the mood to chill and get some work done

Calm early morning: Your Favorite Coffeehouse, created by Spotify

 Whether you have a massive hangover, have an early morning and need to relax before taking on the real world, or just want to chill, this playlist is for you.”Your Favorite Coffeehouse” is a good mix of indie/folk songs, as well as singer/songwriter acoustic tracks. I like to listen to this playlist on my way to work in the mornings to help me relax and set a chill mood for the day.

Girls NightSongs That Get Drunk White Girls Excited, by Sean Branton

Never mind the rather ridiculous title –it might be a little too accurate. This playlist is a go-to of mine if I don’t feel like putting effort into being a DJ but want my friends to relate to the music I’m playing. It has a generous mix of throwback tunes to sing along with as well as the the songs we would never play in front of our parents but secretly got down to in our early teens.

Need something new: Left of Center, created by Spotify

Sometimes you need songs that are a little off the beaten path–hence this playlist’s title. If you get sick of mainstream radio music but want a good chance of song discovery, this playlist follows the trends—but not too closely.  This playlist offers a good balance of contemporary electronic and pop by various talented artists.

Insomnia: Piano in the Background, created by Spotify

Piano music can be beautiful, powerful, energetic, or all the above which is the beauty of the instrument. This playlist has a great variety of relaxing songs played on a piano that I have used to help me fall asleep on many occasions.

Feeling a little spooky: HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST, created by Filtr US

Tis the season for some spooky tunes to get you ready for Halloween. This playlist is an accurate portrayal of all things witches, ghosts, and classic Halloween movies — just the thing to take you back to your childhood.

New playlist: Peace, created by Spotify

Last but not least, Spotify created a playlist called Peace that is filled with songs that are mournful, hopeful, or spiritual. The purpose of this playlist is to commemorate the damage done in the recent shooting in Las Vegas. The playlist also includes a link to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to contribute to nonprofits working to help the victims affected by the tragedy.

Spotify is not only affordable for students, but provides all the latest music and premade playlists for any mood or occasion. If you don’t already have an account and love to listen to music, download Spotify and you’ll be hooked. Happy listening! 





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