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Best Pants for Finals: Jogger Jeans

Your alarm goes off at 7:00 AM for that 8:00 AM final on Monday morning.  You can’t help but think, “UGH!  Do I have to get ready for this?”  This seems to be the struggle we face not only for our first exam, but EVERY single exam we have.  I’ve always told myself that I need to look somewhat put together for class, so I’ve refused to let myself wear sweatpants… up until now.  Sweat pants in public?  Yes, it’s acceptable.  Let me explain…

I am able to wear sweats in public thanks to my new trend: the jogger jean.  Learn to love them, ladies – they will shortly become your new go-to pant.  The beauty of the jogger jean is that they’re made of a sweat pant material, but are silk-screened to look like denim.  The jogger has the comfort and versatility of sweat pants, but the appearance of chic denim.  Who is the sweet soul that came up with this concept?

Jogger Jeans are great for just about any occasion, and are flattering on everyone.  For a casual look, throw on your joggers with a pair of sandals or sneakers and a graphic tee.  For a dressier look, add a statement necklace and throw on a pair of heels or booties.  Pretty great, right?

Currently, you can find joggers just about anywhere, but here are some of my favorites:

The Pajama Jean by Rag and Bone (these are pricey, but they’re pretty amazing)

Lounge Jean Fleece Jogger Pants by GUESS?

Gypsy Indigo Jogger Jean by Bullhead Denim Co

Ladies, you’re going to be so comfortable in these pants while aceing all your exams! And bonus, everyone will think they’re jeans and you can pull yourself together during finals! Happy finals!

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