Best Local Coffee Shops in SLC

One of my favorite things about Salt Lake City is the coffee culture that we have here with all the cute local coffee shops. Being a barista has helped me learn a lot more about coffee and have come to appreciate it immensely. It’s very exciting for me to try out a new local coffee shop that I haven’t yet experienced. As college students we’re always going to coffee shops to do homework and finish up that paper we have to submit by midnight; so I came up with some of the best local coffee shops in Salt Lake that I feel are a perfect combination of amazing coffee and an upstanding atmosphere for studying.

  1. 1. Sugar House Coffee

    Right in the heart of Sugarhouse, you can find Sugar House Coffee which is a welcoming environment that contains good coffee and friendly people. Not only can you find delightful coffee choices, but they also have a wide selection of food choices. They have breakfast and lunch menus; also include vegan and gluten-free options you can choose from! Sugar House Coffee is a big advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and has a very warm and safe space where people can come and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends.

  2. 2. Coffee Garden

    Coffee Garden is a very relaxing coffee shop to visit. Classical music is played throughout the shop helping you feel relaxed and focused. You have many coffee and tea choices to choose from and can almost always count on some awesome latte art to take a picture of! It’s in one of the most popular areas of Salt Lake in the 9th and 9th district so it’s almost always filled with people. They’re very local friendly with many pastry choices all made by local bakeries. One of my favorite coffee environments and locations!

  3. 3. Coffee Noir

    Coffee Noir is a cute little coffee shop tucked away in the neighborhoods. Just right below the U’s campus where you can go to get a delightful cup of coffee with locally made pastries and filled croissants. Coffee Noir is a smaller coffee shop but it has a cozy feel to it. It’s the coffee shop I would want to go to on a rainy day and read a good book at. They also have a nice big front patio that you can take an iced coffee out and enjoy the hope to be soon warm weather!

  4. 4. Campos Coffee Roastery

    Campos is new to Salt Lake but already has my heart! Their Iced Australian Latte is one of the best beverages! They are an Australian originated coffee shop that now has many other flagship stores. They have been precise with their coffee roasting choices and have perfected the flavor so you know you can rely on them for an amazing cup of coffee. A variety of food choices are also presented where you can order something off of their brunch or lunch menu. If you really need a morning pick-me-up don’t be afraid to order a mimosa off the menu!

  5. 5. Publik Coffee Roasters

    Publik is a big local coffee shop in Salt Lake. They have a total of four locations if you count Publik Kitchen where they also sell their coffee beverages. They’re not only a big coffee shop in Salt Lake but also as a roasting business. They definitely believe in the quality of their coffee over anything and I think that’s a very desirable trait. The ambiance is very lively and friendly, a great place to take a laptop and get some work done. The perfect place to go for outstanding coffee beverages and a great space to hangout and meet new people. Their matcha latte is one of the best I've had anywhere else, so make sure to try it if you can't decide!

Obviously, there are many more fantastic local coffee shops in the city that I didn’t get to mention but there are many more out there that deserve recognition. These are just a few that stand out to me in the coffee scene containing quality coffee and a fun, productive environment to hang out in. Next time you feel like going to a corporate coffee joint for some caffeine, instead support local business and try out one of these amazing Salt Lake Coffee shops!