The Best Halloween Makeup for Those of Us Who Don’t Want to Buy a Damn Costume

Halloween: it’s one of the most exciting times of the year on any college campus in the continental U.S. Why, you might ask? Because we love costume parties. Hot damn, do we love to dress up or do we love to dress up. Yes, there are costume themed parties every weekend, but Halloween is different. You can be anything you want for Halloween and that excites our inner candy-hungry, trick-or-treat, reach for the stars, grubby faced kid. There’s something so enticing about getting to be creative and trying to ‘out do’ everyone else’s costume. Well, that is IF you can afford it. Which let’s be honest, none of us can.

in their right mind would spend upwards of $50 on a costume you are only going to wear once? It doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself you will re-wear it next Halloween. You won’t. You want to know how I know that? Because you are looking for a Halloween costume right now as you are reading this article, fully aware that you have last year’s Halloween costume buried deep in your closet. No one reuses their Halloween costume, your Instagram pride won’t let you.

Here’s an idea instead; why don’t you save your money for something more important like food or gas or at least on clothes you can wear repeatedly and utilize makeup and the vastly informational bottomless pit that is the internet? Ta-da. Don’t worry, I selected makeup looks that can be created by everyone, beginners especially. You don’t have to be a pro, you don’t have to have a makeup line and beauty channel. Mostly, all you need is eyeliner.



Ahh, a staple, really. This makeup look relies solely on eyeliner which if you don’t already have, is very accessable. It will take you less than 10 minutes and $10 dollars to complete. To all my girls out there who are busy and on a budget, this is the purrr-fect Halloween makeup look for you.


  1. It’s so stinking cute. 2. It’s so stinking cute. I love this makeup look because it’s feminine, but also because you can get as creative as you want. You don’t want your cheeks and nose to be orange? Sure, make them pink or blue or both. You can jazz it up with colors and textures or keep it simple. All you have to do is put on a plaid shirt. It’s a no brainer… (did you get my Wizard of Oz reference? No? Oh, shucks).


Do you have white eyeshadow? Check. Do you have black eyeliner? Check. Do you own bronzer and or brown eyeshadow? Check. If you answered in the affirmative on all three questions, you are eligible to perform this cute little deer look. It looks a lot more challenging than it actually is. Bonus points if you do the antler buns!


Now, here me out. Is this a scary clown? Not necessarily, but you could make it scarier if you wanted to. Just add some fake blood or some gashes if you wanted to scare the living hell out of everyone (me included) OR you could keep it PG with this one I have provided you. Again, you don’t have to keep the red lips. If you desired to look more reminiscent of Harley Quinn, you could do your top lip pink and your bottom lip blue.

With Halloween right around the corner, start thinking about which makeup look works best for you. These are makeup looks that can be created the day of without much practice beforehand, but if you are worried, spend a couple days prior to your party working your Picasso magic on your face. If you can’t decide which makeup look to choose, choose multiple. There will be tens of thousands of Halloween parties so hit them all up and ‘haunt’ off your makeup looks.