The Best Grammy Looks of 2020

The Grammy Awards were last weekend and boyyy oh boy did we get some looks. Award shows like this one are notorious for bringing out the funkiest fashion from all the hottest celebs. This usually means that the fashion choices are a big hit, or a big miss, with very little in-between. I try to stay away from writing articles that criticize fashion choices because, at the end of the day, to each their own. But I do love a good fashion highlights article, so with that being said, here are my favorite looks from the 2020 Grammy Award Red Carpet:

1. Lizzo

Lizzo looks nothing short of angelic in this Versace dress. That high slit is absolutely everything, and her simple, yet elegant jewelry perfectly accentuates her décolletage. She switched into a sweeping black ballgown for her performance, which was equally stunning. 

2. Ariana Grande

Ari went with two dresses this year, the first of which was a show-stopping, grey-obmre Giambattista Valli gown with tulle galore. I honestly love the silhouette of this dress - it's kind of giving me Rhianna's 2015 Grammys cupcake dress vibes. Ari's second dress was a swing and a miss for me, though, so we'll just focus on the first one.

3. Lil Nas X

HE REALLY DID THAT, YOU GUYS. He really did wear a neon pink Versace cowboy-style suit. I'm pretty sure he's the only person on earth who could pull this off, and there is no question in my mind that we have another style icon on the rise here. I just have one question: where can I get a pair of pant-boots like that??

4. Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

These two are, and will always be, the ultimate power couple. I don't like orange, and Chrissy made me want to wear orange. Her Yanina Couture gown boasted a plunging neckline, huge scalloped shoulders, and a leg slit that rivaled Lizzo's. And John with the jacket! Go off!! His half-short, half-long jacket was an Alexander McQueen creation that, paired with his wife's breathtaking look, stole the show.

5. Billy Porter

Billy Porter turned heads in a turquoise Baja East jumpsuit, complete with sequens and glittery tassles galore. The real winner, though, was his hat: a matching turquoise flat top surrounded by silver fringe that closed with the push of a button. I think I need one. Also, huge props to his makeup artist - a glittery bottom lip? Genius.

That's a wrap for my favorites list, but it certainly goes without saying that these were not the only fashion hits of the evening. For more, check out the Harper's Bazaar gallery of red carpet looks.

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