The Best Donuts in LA

    We all know the reputation of the nightlife in California; always vibrant, consisting of lavish restaurants and popular electronic clubs. However, there are many hidden gems within the labyrinth of Los Angeles’ streets. One unique spot downtown is "Donut Friend", a vegan donut shop located on York Boulevard. Decorated with pretty plants and black-and-white block letters to create a nice aestetic, the shop immediately evokes a cozy feeling. The warm physical environment combined with the sweet smell of fresh donuts makes for a memorable, unique experience. 

    Although all of the donuts are vegan, "Donut Friend" offers a wide variety of choices for their customers. Fried in soybean oil and sweetened with beet sugar, the first bite is unlike any other. Trying vegan alternatives can be intimidating, but "Donut Friend’s" diversity makes it easy to pick a tasty treat. Offering anything from cookie butter to Nutella filled donuts, you can find any of your favorite sweets transformed. This amazing selection is true to their simple slogan, “Donuts done differently.” Not only does "Donut Friend" make a million different flavors, but they also offer variety in their shapes and size. They offer giant donuts, mini donuts, and even birthday cake donuts that make for an awesome celebration. 

    "Donut Friend's" most popular donut is their StrawberryLab, a donut flavored exactly like a strawberry shortcake. It is a raised donut filled with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and topped with a decadent chocolate glaze. I completely understand why this donut is the most popular; it is delicious! I have also tried the creme brûlée donut, a donut filled with vegan Bavarian cream and topped with glazed sugar. This one was also delicious! However, if neither of these sound like your cup of tea, other popular choices from "Donut Friend" include: "The Cinnamineral" (a chocolate cinnamon crumble and vanilla glaze on top of a vanilla cake donut) or "The Fudgegazi" (a donut filled with chocolate cream, topped with chocolate glaze and chocolate chips).

    If none of their premade donuts fancy you, there is always the option of creating your own. First, you pick your donut flavor. Once deciding between vanilla cake or a plain glazed donut, you can then pick any fillings or toppings that sound delectable. I honestly don’t think you can make a wrong choice when ordering from this amazing shop! So, if you are ever in downtown Los Angeles, make sure to stop at this eclectic donut shop. You will not be disappointed, and will leave already wanting more!

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