The Best and Worst of the Zodiac Signs

I’m going to be talking about something very real and very essential that helps me understand a person: astrology. I can typically pinpoint a person based on their zodiac sign. Of course, though, you can’t tell everything about someone based solely off of their sun sign. You have to know their moon and rising as well to be able to fully understand them, plus their planet placements. Astrology is way more complex than some people make it out to be. Usually they’ll read one tiny description of their sun sign and not agree with it so they’ll rule out astrology altogether. Through meeting new people and observing their qualities, especially in the dating scene, I have come to a conclusion on what are the best and worst traits of the signs.


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Aries is a fire sign, so that means they are very hot-headed and stubborn. The worst thing about Aries is they are very confrontational and argumentative. They can easily get upset with a situation and are hard to resolve conflicts with. Once an Aries has an idea, it’s quite hard for you to change their mind. Good qualities of an Aries include their generosity and friendship. They are a good friend to have if they are on your side, especially in an argument. They’re also adventure seekers so you can count on an Aries to have a good time and make memories with.



They are known to be the most stubborn of the signs since they are the symbol of the bull. You can’t convince a Taurus to do anything. They have to decide to do it themselves. No matter how much you try to help or change a Taurus it won’t work. You’re just wasting your time. All you can do is stand by them until they decide to change whatever it is. But Taurus’ have big hearts, they can be some of the most dependable people in your life if you are on their good side. They tend to be very loyal people and are ruled by Venus which can make them wonderful partners to have in a relationship.



Gemini’s are the twins of the zodiac signs, which means they have the reputation to be two-faced, and that can make them pretty scary. But that also means they’re easily adaptable to different groups of people with different interests. Gemini’s are prone to be VERY BLUNT which can either be a problem or a reassurance depending on the person. They aren’t afraid to voice how they feel or get in fights with people because they have strong opinions on everything! The good thing about Gemini’s though is they seem to always be the life of the party and it’s very easy for them to make others like them. They have a natural gift when it comes to wooing others and getting their attention.

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Oh boy, Cancers have so many emotions! They are said to be the most emotional of the Zodiac sign and cry a good amount. Cancers take almost anything you say to them personally, which isn’t the best trait. Although Cancers have many emotions they often times are very good at hiding those emotions from others, whether that’s a good thing or not. Due to their empathetic and caring nature, Cancers are very nurturing signs. They will take care of the people they care about and are inclined to make great parents (considering my mom’s a Cancer).



People born under this sign are very energetic and loud, they absolutely love to be the center of attention! They crave the attention of other people and can often times get upset when all eyes aren’t on them, which can be problematic and exhausting. Leo’s can easily get mistaken for being self-centered because of their dying need for attention and the love of others. Opposed to that, Leo’s can make great partners in relationships because they will give you the attention and love you need. Another good trait is they are very generous by nature; if a Leo cares about you they will show it. They will smother you with gifts and any other way they choose to show their affection.



Virgos need to have everything perfect and neat in their lives. They can’t stand a messy person or a messy life. Which is good because that also makes them very clean people and good roommates. They are also very picky and selective, not just about life choices but also about people and relationships. It can be hard to win over a Virgo, which can be frustrating, but good on their end because they can pick the right people to be in their lives.

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I myself am a Libra, so I will try my best not to be too biased. We are the balance scales of the zodiac sign, thus we crave equality and balance in our lives. Although we crave balance, Libras tend to be very imbalanced and still in the process of figuring out our shit (isn’t everyone though?). We also are SO indecisive, which can be exhausting for us and others. I will constantly ask the people around me to make my decisions for me because I can never make up my mind. We too, like Taurus', are ruled by Venus, which makes us hopeless romantics. We crave love and aesthetically pleasing things, which can help us in the creative field.



Probably the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind about a Scorpio is they love sex. Although yes, they are pretty freaky, there is much more to what makes a Scorpio. They are one of the most secretive of the signs, that can be great if you need them to keep a secret but not so good if you’re trying to get them to open up to you. That being said, they have a hard time trusting others and it can take time for a Scorpio to finally trust you. One of the most fierce signs, which means you don’t want a Scorpio mad at you or they might happen to key your car, so watch out. The good thing about them is they are very passionate thus making them great lovers, once they have their eye on you it’s you and only you.

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Sagittarius’ in my experience seem to be the most aloof of all the signs. They definitely value their alone time but also will bail on you often, which can be annoying. They find a hard time staying consistent in their lives and will easily get bored with things. One great thing about Sagitturius’ is they are very intellectual beings. I have never met a Sagittarius I wasn’t intellectually impressed with. They are deep thinkers and interested in a variety of subjects so they’re always learning something new.  



It can be very hard to understand what a Capricorn is feeling because oftentimes they hate showing emotion. They think of it as a sign of weakness. They are one of the hardest signs to read and be able to understand what they are feeling. Sadly, they often are very hard on themselves and hold themselves to unrealistic standards. Calm down, Capricorns, you’re good enough. They are probably the most honest sign there is, they will straight up tell you their opinion on something. You can always count on a Capricorn to tell you the truth.



One’s who fall under the Aquarius sign come off very unemotional and detached. They are a very complex sign and it can be hard to understand their intentions. Something good about them is they’re very clever beings, one of the most witty and sarcastic of the signs. You are destined to have intellectual conversations with an Aquarius because they are very precise on how they choose their words.

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I find it ironic that Pisces are a water sign and supposed to be emotional but every Pisces I’ve met has been emotionally closed off and distant. Like who hurt you? I see Pisces internalizing their emotions more than anything. But aside from that Pisces are selfless people who genuinely want to help others and see them thrive. They are also hard workers who value working hard for the things they want.

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And there you have it, collegiettes! The best and worst of each and every Zodiac sign. Refer back to this list the next time you need to see if you and that cutie in your Calc class are compatible. Until then, enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your own sign!