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Bad Suns Take on The Complex

Bad Suns made their long awaited return to Salt Lake City March 1st to kick off their 2017 Heartbreaker tour, following their sophomore album release, Disappear Here. Disappear Here follows the highly praised 2014 album Language and Perspective, and certainly doesn’t disappoint. After their debut album release, Bad Suns gained traction opening for bands like The Neighbourhood and the 1975, perfecting the touring lifestyle. This is the band’s second time playing Salt Lake, almost four years since their premiere Kilby Court performance; the LA natives proved their triumph with a sold out show last Tuesday, squishing eight hundred bodies into the Complex.

This was the second time I’d seen Bad Suns; the first being when I caught their small Coachella set a few years back. Seconds into the first song of the night, it became apparent this was not the same band I saw in 2015. Christo Bowman fronts the band, oozing of a new confidence with sharp dance moves and a red and white fender Stratocaster. I’d seen Bowman go from a nervous, unsure front man to a true rock star (he sang about half a song standing in the crowd, literally); the man was born to hold a guitar. But it wasn’t just Bowman, Ray Libby (guitarist), Gavin Bennett (bassist), and Miles Morris (drums), all played with such energy and intimacy towards their instruments, it became clear there was nowhere they’d rather be.

An hour and a half set included high energy from start to finish, featuring striking lyrics, strong guitar strums, and the most aesthetic lighting you’ll ever see. From the can’t-help-but-dance vibes from “We Move Like the Ocean”, to the heart wrenching “Maybe We Were Meant to Be Alone”, Bad Suns will leave an imprint on you in one way or another. Other highlights of the set include “Daft Pretty Boys”, “Salt”, and the title track, “Disappear Here”.

The band is certainly one to watch, selling out shows across the US and making appearances in the most notorious music festivals this year. I urge anyone who is a fan of rock, indie, or dancing to give them a shot and try to catch one of their later shows…Bad Suns proves to be the type of band you know you’ll get post-concert-depression from, only seconds into the set. 


Erin is a senior at University of Utah currently pursuing strategic communications major with writing and rhethoric minor. She's passionate about all things creative, and hopes one day to work in the film industry. 
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