The Backseat Lovers, “When We Were Friends” Album Review

The Backseat Lovers are a four-piece band based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Although this band has been together since 2017, their first recorded music was released in early 2018. “When We Were Friends” was released on January 27, 2019, and the album mostly includes new songs, in addition to a few of their latest singles.

The Backseat Lovers are an indie rock band, and their music expertly blends their quick-paced rock influences with mellower indie elements, sometimes even within the same song! Their songs are comprised of captivating lyrics and strong instrumental rhythms.

In addition to producing great songs, The Backseat Lovers are also wonderful performers! To date, I have seen them perform twice, but because they are so well loved in the Salt Lake area, I have some friends who will go to see them perform at every chance they get. At each of their concerts, The Backseat Lovers are highly energetic, lively, and riveting to watch. If you want to find out about their upcoming concerts, check out their social pages: Instagram and Facebook. But, currently, they are set to perform in California in mid-February, and they have yet to officially release concert dates for after these performances.

“When We Were Friends” opens with “Watch Your Mouth,” and this track sets the tone for an energetic and captivating rock album with indie influences. The following songs carefully showcase the band’s sound without feeling repetitive. Although the name, Backseat Lovers, might suggest that their songs focus on relationships, their music is not overly focused on this subject.

For the majority of the album, The Backseat Lovers explore a combination of fast and lower paced rhythms within their tracks. The song, “Olivia,” however, offers a respite from this pattern as it serves as the band’s ballad of the album. This track, near the end of the album, introduces the listener to the band’s range and their ability to hone in on their emotional side.

The album concludes with the track “Sinking Ship” which wraps up the album with a familiar song as this track was released as a single in November 2018. The other singles on the album include “Maple Syrup” and “Pool House.” In the context of the album, these tracks feel right at home.

Here are some of my favorite lyrics from the album:

  • “She was 19, got a fake ID and a nose ring, those kinds of girls tend to know things, better than I do” - Kilby Girl

  • “You should get some sleep tonight, you should get with someone nicer, who knows what you’re thinking” - Dugout

  • “You can tell me about it if you had a bad day, I’ll teach you how to laugh if you can teach me crochet, why go to class if we’re already late?” - Davy Crochet

My favorite songs from the album are:

  • “Watch Your Mouth”

  • “Intuition”

  • “Kilby Girl”

  • “Maple Syrup”

The Backseat Lovers’ debut album is energetic, fun, and emotional.  

If you like The Backseat Lovers, I’d recommend that you also listen to Vista Kicks, The Happy Fits, COIN, and Ritt Momney.

Overall, I’d give this album 4.5/5 stars!

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