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Bachelorette Week 3: Classless Acts and a New Villain

As promised, Clare’s season has already been exceedingly dramatic and Week 3’s episode was no exception. Last week’s episode was extremely hard to watch, and all those previews of Clare yelling, “sick, sick!” into the void and a mystery man (who we probably all rightly assumed was Yosef) screaming, “I expected more from the OLDEST bachelorette” only made this week’s episode seem more exciting. And, of course, Clare is only falling more and more in love with Dale.  

The episode opens with Yosef, so the tea is already piping hot. He cannot help repeatedly mentioning how “classless” he thought Clare and her last group date were. According to Yosef, it was a very immature date, with the guys running around practically naked, playing dodgeball. Yosef, a real man, would never be caught dead in such an activity; he has a daughter for godssakes! So, what does he decide to do about the hatred for Clare that’s been boiling inside him for days? He confronts her, like any mature man would. In his words, he’s “looking forward to telling Clare exactly how he feels and washing his hands of this atrocity.” Yikes. He opens up their conversation by telling her how appalled he was by their group date and again says that it and her were classless. He goes on to say how ashamed he is to be associated with her and how she is not fit to be the mother of his child, at which point Clare has had enough. She goes off on him and ejects him from the resort. Yosef, 30, walks away still screaming at Clare about how she’s the oldest bachelorette and should have been more mature. And with that, Yosef ends his stint as villain on the show.  

Just as quickly as one villain falls, another one rises: Dale. He quickly runs to Clare’s aid as she’s crying after Yosef’s confrontation. The other guys offer their support too, though Dale is the one she wants. We see a group of guys expressing their absolute disdain for Yosef and his method of confrontation. The camera pans to the guys inside, all questioning how he could confront a woman like that. Chasen, possible Outer Banks guest star, raises the bar with “You can’t disrespect anybody like that”. Even with this outpouring of emotion from the guys, she still only has eyes for Dale. And this continues throughout the episode. She cancels a daytime group date for a cocktail party, at which Dale makes a speech about respecting the other guys and the process and wanting to speak with Clare first, even if only for 5 minutes. Five minutes turns into 40 minutes or an hour, depending on who you ask, and Eazy is left with no choice but to search for them and awkwardly finds them at Clare’s house post make-out session. To say that the guys did not find this entertaining would be an understatement. Then, we see Dale pop into a room Clare and one of the other guys were talking in, and she invites him in. This causes even more tension between Dale and the other guys, who now see Dale as having some sort of superiority complex because of his connection with Clare. To make matters worse, Dale secures the rose. 

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