ASUU Gives the Opportunity to Give Back

The Philanthropy and Service Board within ASUU needs your help! Within ASUU, there have been some board changes this year. This is the first year for the board, having combined boards to construct Philanthropy and Service. Savannah Gelhard, the board’s Director this year, sat down with me and let me know what events she’s got going on this school year. “It is an honor to be the director of the philanthropy and service board”, Savannah explained. She hopes to get other students involved in this “incredible and unique experience to impact lives”. Her board serves to benefit the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Make-A-Wish Utah by providing monetary and active volunteer service. “Our mission is to unite the students and campus to impact the lives of cancer patients and children with pediatric illnesses” Savannah shared. Her goals include fundraising $40,000 to benefit Huntsman and Make-a-Wish Utah. This campus has approximately 33,000 students and Savannah believes that if every student donated a single dollar to the cause, that this goal could be achieved. Below are a few events coming up to put on your calendar!

Currently, there is a penny war happening with several offices within the Union. The following offices are participating: ASUU, CESA, UPC, Bennion Center, Union Services Desk, Union Administration Office, and the Dean of Students Office. All of the donations will benefit Huntsman Cancer Institute and Make-a-Wish Utah. If you’re not familiar with a penny war, here are the rules. Any donations larger than a penny such as quarters, nickels, dimes and dollar bills should be placed in any jars that you want to lose the competition. The larger donations count as negative points for the office, whereas pennies are the only thing that counts for positive points. If you have any spare change, feel free to drop it in any of the offices’ jars mentioned above, your donation is greatly appreciated.

If you need a haircut, look no further! Savannah’s board is hosting “Cuts for a Cure” at the Peterson Heritage Center on campus on November 14th from 1:00pm-4:30pm where professional hairstylists will be present to cut hair for only $5 per person. All proceeds go directly to Huntsman Cancer Institute and Make-a-Wish Utah.

Want to be more involved? The Philanthropy and Service Board is also collecting fleece to make into blankets for individuals graduating from chemotherapy treatment at Huntsman Cancer Institute here on campus. Sections of fleece 2 feet by 2 feet are donated and then cut and tied and taken to Huntsman. On November 16th from 11:30am-1:30pm and 4:30pm-6:30pm in the Union Den, everyone is welcome to come cut and tie blankets that will be donated. Stop by and bring your friends!

Additionally, you and your friends can register as a team or a student group online to raise money for Huntsman. Top fundraisers will be awarded a prize! “Registration will allow you to personally fundraise and impact the lives of others” Savannah explained. “You will also be able to register for our two philanthropy events: Jazzed for a Cause, and the Climb-a-thon”. Jazzed for a Cause will occur January 28th from 5:30pm-10pm. A jazz band will be in attendance, as well as, food, prizes, dancing. The Climb-a-thon will be held at the Student Life Center on March 11th from 9am-5pm at the 54-foot rock wall. This event is to celebrate fundraising accomplishments that have occurred throughout the year.

Last but not least, there will be a Headwear Project on March 1st, the focus being to make hats for patients at Huntsman. More information to come. Savannah would like everyone to “join [The Philanthropy and Service Board] in impacting lives this year” If you would like more information about the board, please contact Savannah Gelhard at [email protected].