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Unique Last Minute Holiday Gifts You’ll Want For Yourself and Your Loved Ones

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Hello my friends, it’s time for another holiday gift guide! This time you’ll be looking at stocking stuffers, crystals, beautiful designs, eye-popping makeup, and a boatload of gifts for your pooches. Don’t forget about your furry friend, my friend! Whether you choose a few of the gifts below for your friends and loved ones, or you decide to treat yourself with more besides scrumptious holiday cookies, these brands are certainly ones you’ll want to add to your gift list.

Sophie La Francaise

An all-time favorite designer and brand of mine? Sophie La Francaise! If you’ve been looking for some unique and beautifully designed Christmas cards, Sophie La Francaise is the place to go! Their iconic French Bulldog designs are so cute that you’ll not only be wishing for their Christmas cards, but their French Bulldog keychains, pins, stickers, and calendar. Yep, they have an adorable 2022 French Bulldog Themed Wall Calendar that will make the perfect addition to your office or favorite room. Pretty much everything of theirs is going to be on your wishlist. Honestly, “Anything is Pawsible” with Sophie La Francaise!

Moonlight Jewels Co.

Crystal lovers unite! Who doesn’t love not only some high quality crystals but some high quality crystal candles and crystal bath salts as well!? I’m talking about the ultimate stocking stuffer from Moonlight Jewels Co! I absolutely love this brand and I was so excited when I got some of their crystal candles and bath salts. Some of their newest creations are salts and crystal candles, the perfect bundle. Who doesn’t enjoy a quiet afternoon in the tub, filled with bath salts and surrounded by relaxing candles? I do! I recommend the Moonlight Jewels Self-Love Bath Salt which comes with a rose quartz crystal inside. For candles, I recommend their Amethyst Candle and Citrine Candle — Mango & Pineapple scented, yum! Time to stuff those stockings — or use them for yourself on your next self-care day, or should I say, every day? 


Need a great gift for the homebodies or chefs in your life? VerveCulture is definitely a fantastic place to go. VerveCulture has some of the most gorgeous artisan handmade pieces, both kitchenware and goods for your home. I’m in love with their Moroccan Blankets. I have one in rose-pink (they come in three colors!) and it is not only beautiful and cozy, but you can feel the quality! Moroccan handwoven blankets “are woven on home looms and given as gifts to mark special occasions and milestones.”

Looking for that gift for your mom or dad who loves to cook? I recommend their Artisan Citrus Juicer (beautiful and perfect for making margaritas!) and their Tortilla Press Kit — quesadillas galore! VerveCulture’s great selection of handmade kitchenware and home goods are a perfect quality gift option for anyone you love in your life!


Need some great stocking stuffers? Get something your family will use daily like a great quality shampoo and conditioner, gentle hand soap (we’re in a pandemic people!), or even a gift for your pooches with Attitude’s Pet Care Supplies.

Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo anyone? People need not only trinkets and candy in their stocking, but some useful self-care items to upgrade their everyday routine! You need something useful with a bit of Attitude. No, really… this wonderful brand’s name is Attitude! Attitude is all about creating “household products exclusively with natural ingredients.” And they are surely succeeding in doing so! 

I recommend their Sensitive Skin Hand Soap, scented with Argan Oil or unscented, and their SuperLeaves Hand Cream (smells amazing in scent Orange Leaves). And for your furry friends? They’ll need some quality products when you’re grooming them. I recommend the Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo for Pets and the Pet Grooming Wipes to make them feel clean and refreshed each day! Attitude has some fantastic pet grooming supplies, and their scented lotion is amazing!


And now, ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of truth, the glory of all glories — dog toys! Think about all the unconditional love our dogs give to us. It’s time to show your love this Christmas with not only snuggles, but toys and treats! My recommendation? DexyPaws!

Yet another hidden gem, but this time for your dogs! DexyPaws is the shop of good ol’ boy Dexter, an adorable fluffy dog with a coat that looks like a chocolate chip cookie! Only the greatest toys, treats, and dog goodies that Dexter approves of are for sale at DexyPaws. And he has good taste — not just in treats!

I recommend filling up your dog’s stocking with some of their fantastic toys such as the Classic Milkshake Plush Toy and the Croissant Plush Dog Toy. I also adore the Classic White Pet Food and Water Bowls as a gift for your doggies under the tree. They’re filled with their favorite food and fresh water! My dogs immediately ran to their new water bowl and drank away. They somehow knew beforehand it was meant for them! And this Christmas, I’ll be filling their stockings with the adorable Classic Milkshake Toy. What DexyPaw toys will you fill their stockings with?


Ah, what’s more perfect for winter than the lovely smell of aspen, clove leaf, and smoky oud wood. Yes, I’m talking about the Aspen candle from RareLumiere. RareLumiere is the place to go for some lovely scented candles. Not only do they have a great selection of candles — from Florence (fig, amber, musk) to Notting Hill (black currant, rose, thorn) — but they have gorgeous packaging too. I love these candles as gifts because they’re packaged with a delicate wax seal stamp and underneath the packaging is your perfectly-smelling candle!


While holiday PJ’s are a great way to go, you also may want some higher quality sleepwear and lingerie to feel extra special for those cold nights inside. Journelle has great sleepwear and lingerie that can make for a great gift this holiday season. Their silky pajamas are my favorite. That’s right, I said silk. I recommend their Journelle Bette Sleepshirt — I have one in Black/Blush! It’s extremely soft and cozy; who wouldn’t want to snuggle with some silk? Not only are their silk PJ’s incredibly soft, but you’ll look amazing in them too! Get a pair for a friend, a loved one, or yourself!

B-low The Belt

Another addition everyone needs to their wardrobe? An iconic belt. Where should you go for such statement pieces? The brand that is the one and only: B-low The Belt! B-low The Belt has dazzling belts that can stylishly dress up or down any outfit. One of my favorite belts of theirs is the Mamba Leather Belt! A beautiful gold snake steals the show on this leather belt. This is a top quality gift that your friend or loved one can wear all the time. I adore this brand and am dazzled by their designs and crystals!

IT Cosmetics

I’ve searched many makeup brands for a fantastic black mascara, and only few have made their way into my heart, or… onto my eyelashes? Point being I really love IT Cosmetics Hello Lashes+ Volumizing Mascara with Lash Serum. It’s pretty dang good if you want those dramatic black lashes for a night out, or to simply pair with a stunning makeup look. This is a mascara that conditions! It’s “infused with lash-loving biotin, argan oil and jojoba oil, the gentle formula is ophthalmologist-tested and wipes clean with just warm water to help minimize lash loss.” We want to not only make our lashes look good but take care of them as well people! IT Cosmetics is the way to go if you need a mascara that also acts as a conditioner! Talk about a great stocking stuffer for your makeup-loving friend.

L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is another go-to makeup brand of mine. Their mascara and shampoo are especially great! If you’re after a more natural makeup look, I suggest Lash Paradise mascara in Black Brown. It’s a go-to to instantly make your eye color pop! They have a great selection of mascaras that can fit your needs. And their Elvive Dream Lengths Shampoo & Conditioner is my favorite. My hair can’t live without it! I mean, it can, but it just doesn’t look as good. I recently bought their shampoo and conditioner set to last me the long winter season. And for hair troubles? Elvive Dream Lengths is a top recommendation! Ah, silky smooth hair…

Charlotte Tilbury

Last but not least, gift yourself or a loved one some flawless makeup that you won’t want to take off. Specifically, gift them some makeup goodies from Charlotte Tilbury! Whether you want the smooth Pillow Talk Lipstick for a stocking stuffer or the shimmery Starry Eyes To Hypnotise Eyeshadow Pallette, there’s always something amazing to choose from with Charlotte! My favorite this year is their new limited edition Charlotte’s Magic Mini Makeup Brush Set. It comes with four mini makeup brushes and a gorgeous ruby red clutch to carry them in for travel! Ah, so pretty.

So, which gifts will you choose for your friends? For your loved ones? For yourself? Be your own secret Santa this year! Santa will thank you for taking all the hard work …or easy work… and you’ll thank yourself later!

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