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Affordable Ways to Update Your Wardrobe

In Utah, we went from shorts and sandals to down coats and boots in a couple weeks. This means that it is time to bring out the sweaters and your fall/winter wear. But what happens if you don’t want to wear the same clothes you wore last year? Here are some affordable ways to update your wardrobe!

Shop second hand

Shopping second hand isn’t only an affordable option, but also a great option for the environment. There are incredible finds waiting at thrift stores at a fraction of the original cost. There are many different stores to choose from, so you should find one that you are comfortable with. Some examples in Salt Lake are large thrift stores such as Savers, vintage stores such as Vantage, or consignment shops such as IconoCLAD. Whatever your preference might be – try shopping second hand!


Ask for a student discount 

There are a variety of places that offer a student discount. At the time, taking ten to fifteen percent off your purchase may seem like a small amount. However, over time taking a few dollars off a purchase will add up. If you are trying to shop on a budget this is one of the small ways you can do it. A few of the places that offer student discounts are Madewell, ASOS, and Goodwill. 

Sell clothes 

One of the easier ways to update your wardrobe is to sell your clothes and then use the money you get in return to buy new ones. Clean out your closet and take your clothes to a place that will give you store credit or cash for your old clothing. Stores in Salt Lake that do this include: Uptown Cheapskate, Pibs Exchange, and IconoCLAD. From my experience, stores will give you a certain amount based on what you have sold and will offer you more in store credit than in cash. If the store you are selling to isn’t your vibe, then you can take the cash and invest in a piece that is more your style elsewhere. 


Have a clothing swap 

Something that I have always wanted to try is having a clothing swap with my friends. Once you have worn an item of clothing a few times it loses its newness and you start to desire something else to take its place. Your friends probably feel the same way. Get a close group of friends, gather the clothes that you are no longer wearing, and swap! This is a great alternative to getting new items of clothing if you don’t like to shop second hand. Not only do you get new items in your closet but you get to see your friends wearing items that you have previously loved and they have repurposed. 

No matter the season, it may seem impossible to keep up with the trends. A little can go a long way and I encourage you to try any of these ways to update your wardrobe!

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