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Ace Halloween with these Unique Costumes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Aww yes, it is that time of the year again. The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and the best holiday of the season is just around the corner. Halloween is among us, therefore the time is ticking for us to find the perfect costume. Although one of the biggest challenges of discovering the perfect costume is avoiding overdone characters and generic, cliche costumes. Please, leave the basic Halloween costumes of kitty-cats and witches at the door. If you’re wanting to dress to impress, follow this refreshing list of groovy costumes that’ll leave you being the star of any Halloween costume party.


Fruit Punch

This is such an easy, effortless look to recreate. If you’re feeling lazy for Halloween, just grab some article of clothing that’s fruit printed, grab a pair of boxing gloves, and then bam! You’re fruit punch!


Eleven from Stranger Things

Everyone has been obsessed with the Netflix series, Stranger Things. This costume will surely be a hit at any party. All you need to do is find a pink dress with a white peter pan neckline, a blue denim jacket, some green and white high socks and complete the look with white, scruffy converse. Oh! And don’t forget her signature box of Eggos!


Cher and Dionne from Clueless

Ugh! As if! This dynamic duo costume is perfect for you and your bestie. For Cher, look for a yellow plaid mini skirt or blazer to pull off her signature look. Then grab some white thigh highs and maybe a stylish, white bag to finish off the look! For Dionne, you’ll need to similarly find plaid, but in black and white. Additionally, you’ll need a red top and a plaid, or even black, blazer to finish it off. And for her funky yet stylish hat, you can just recreate with this quick DIY. Just buy a black top hat, paint the top part white, and clip a red flower to the front of this. You’ll totally be rollin’ with the homies with this look.


Squints and Wendy

If you and your boo are looking for the perfect couple costume, look no further! Replicate the infamous Squints and Wendy from The Sandlot. Starting with Squints, the most important part of the costume are his large, black squared glasses and black baseball hat. If you can’t find similar glasses, just pop the lenses out of 3D movie glasses to recreate the look. Next, just have your guy throw on any sporty, casual top, some blue jeans, and converse to complete the outfit. For Wendy, you’ll need to put together her classic lifestyle look. To make this easy, just find any red shirt and shorts to toss on. And be sure to have your red bikini straps peeking out from underneath. After, you’ll want to find your whitest sneakers to finish the look. And lastly, add the finishing touches by putting your hair up in a pony and tying it off with a red ribbon. Then, throw on some white shades and you and your boo are ready to hit The Sandlot!

Fruit Salad

If you’re group is too big to copy any of the dynamic duo costumes, try this fun group costume! Dressing up as fruit is super easy to recreate. All you’ll need are t-shirts that match your respected fruit. Then, you’ll need paint or some type of fabric markers to imitate the fruit texture unto the tees. This can be very simple and doesn’t have to be completely exact. Just pull up some pictures from the Internet and copy down the texture enough where people know what the fruit is. And finally, for the green stems you can either just use green ribbon to create this look or you can go all out in making a legit stem top with this.

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

For all those Tarantino film lovers out there, who can forget the iconic Mia Wallace? With this costume you’ll need: a white button-up top, black, slim-fit ankle pant, a fake cigarette or real one if you’re of age, and black ballet flats. Unfortunately for this costume, the devil is in the details. So, if you really want to nail this look, completely replicating Mia’s look is key. I’d recommend buying a wig with a similar haircut if you don’t already have it. Even painting your nails red will make the world of a difference in this costume. And if you want to be a bit more grotesque with your costume, you dribble fake blood down your nose and mouth. And if you really like to go big or go home, you can even add a fake syringe to your chest to imitate the most gut-wrenching, memorable scenes from Pulp Fiction. So if you’re planning on being Mia for Halloween, you better ‘ketchup’ with your costume and get on it.

Beyonce from Lemonade

And finally, we have our Queen B. Becoming the icon herself is sure to outshine the rest. One of Beyonce most notable looks from her recent album Lemonade is her gorgeous mustard yellow dress, towering black heels, baseball bat, and ‘doesn’t give a sh*t’ attitude. Just dressing up in this look will have you feeling as confident and fierce as B.

This Halloween, don’t hold back with any mediocre costumes. This is the one time of the year where you can be whatever you want to be…with the exception of being PC friendly, of course. But nonetheless, go all out for your costumes and get creative! Let’s put an official end to every and all basic Halloween costumes this year. May all the kitty cat and sexy cop costumes rest in peace.

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor