The ABC's of Underrated Things

We often go through life moving from one task to the next. We are often stuck in the cycle of wake up, get ready, go to work or class, eat, sleep, and repeat, but there are moments during and in between those basic tasks that are wonderfully magical...and yet we often breeze right past those moments.

A- Animals: A majority of animals bring a unique joy unlike any other. Whether you are a cat person, dog person, or anything in-between we can all appreciate the love animals give us.

B- Breathing: Breathing in something we do all the time without noticing and should be appreciated more.

C- Cutting your hair: A fresh hair cut from just a trim to lopping off six inches is a great feeling and let's be honest we all love having someone play with our hair.

D- Drinking something hot on a cold day and vice-versa: There is something magical about having hot cocoa on a cold day or a smoothie on a hot summers day. Maybe it is nostalgia or giving your body something that it needs, whatever the case, it is an exceptional feeling.

E- Eating something handmade: No matter if you made the food or someone else, eating hand made food will always taste delicious. 

F- Finding the perfect position to fall asleep in: Sleeping, in general, is underrated but finding that ideal spot to sleep is a comfort unlike any other. 

G- Good news: Good news, big or small, is always something to appreciate. You or someone you care about did something to be proud of, and you should be proud.

H- Hugs from someone you care about: Not everyone is into hugs, but I believe there is something special about getting a hug from someone you care about that has a way of making everything better.

I- Infectious laughter: Laughing is great. Laughing with someone is better. Laughing for so long your sides and face hurt and you have forgotten why you even started laughing is magical.

J- Just listening to a song: Not doing anything else. Just relaxing and enjoying the music.

K- Kisses: Kisses, whether chocolate or not, have this effect of making everything else disappear if only for a second.

L- Learning something new: For a significant part of our lives, we are stuffing ourselves with new information, but learning something new is an awesome skill we often take for advantage.

M- Making someone smile: Smiles are simple. Babies can do it. When you make someone smile the world seems to brighten.

N- New friends: Making new friends can be difficult, so getting to know someone and spending time with them is a beautiful accomplishment.

O- Old friends: Maintaining a relationship with someone is also an incredible accomplishment.

P- Perfectly popping a bag of popcorn: Opening a bag of perfectly popped popcorn is one of the best feelings. Knowing that every kernel has been popped and none of them have burned is the treat that keeps on giving.

Q- Questioning doing something, doing it, and loving it: There are so many choices to make every day, and so many of them come with a lot of risks so choosing to do something you were not sure of and enjoying it is a great moment.

R- Resting after a long day: Like I said before sleep is great, and after a long day of class, work, or partying, getting some well-deserved rest is terrific. 

S- Snuggling with someone(including stuffed animals): Wrapping up with a warm blanket and snuggling with someone you care about creates an incredible sense of safety and belonging.

T- Timing something perfectly: Timing can be difficult, and with only so many minutes in a day, we often try to make the most of every second, so timing something perfectly is exceptionally satisfying. 

U- Unexpected food: We all need food to survive so when that food is free and unexpected it is like the gods or universe has smiled down upon us. 

V- Vitamins: Another thing that we all need and often do not get enough of, but when we do, we feel like we can do anything.

W- When someone laughs at your joke: Telling a joke is always a risk. Maybe you have memorized every joke told ever but there is still the question of if someone will appreciate your joke, so when someone does and bursts with laughter your day gets so much better.

X- eXtra anything : Extra money, time, guacamole....extra anything is something more you get to enjoy.

Y- Your family: Family, whether blood or not, is an unbreakable bond. Someone is always there for you. Even if they can be annoying or ignorant at times, you will love them forever and them you.

Z- Zombie movie or show: Zombie movies and television shows can be a bit cliche but finding that one that connects with you is a fantastic thing. 

Every person will get joy out of different experiences, and that is fine. Well, actually it's awesome, but what I am saying is that my list of underrated items will most likely be different from yours. This is just a list to get your mind thinking of all the moments in your day that make you happy, and that you should probably pay more attention too. So do not forget to notice and appreciate all the little magical moments in your day.

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