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Abby Shettig: Half the Sky Ambassador

Name:  Abby Shettig

Hometown:  Evergreen, CO

Graduation year:  2016

Major:  Chemistry

We’ve all heard Gandhi’s words, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” and have felt inspired. But how many of us can say we’ve felt inspired enough to actually do volunteer work? Campus Celebrity, Abby Shettig, can say she has and show you how great volunteer service really is! Abby has done and is doing amazing volunteer work on our very own campus. Her newest endeavor is being a campus ambassador for the Half the Sky Movement. Half the Sky is a movement that seeks to help oppressed women around the world.

Her Campus (HC):  So Abby, what was the application process like to become a Campus Ambassador for Half the Sky?

Abby Shettig (AS):  I had to describe why I wanted to do it, what made me qualified, and talk about what issue hit me the hardest.

HC:  What issue hit you the hardest?

AS:  I saw the documentary in June, and it really moved me. I knew a lot about the oppression of women, but after seeing the video I realized the magnitude of those affected is huge. It’s a bigger problem than I even realized. Here we are in the 21st century…the documentary definitely had a shock value for me. Knowing that women from my home are having the same struggles as women in third world countries made me want to act.

HC:  Well congratulations on getting the position. We’re excited to learn more – we’re sure our readers will be too! What have you been doing on campus for the movement?

AS:  I’ve actually created a student group. I wanted people to able to join, come together and collaborate ideas. We do monthly events that range from fundraising to events and promotions. We focus on promoting the book, and organizing events to promote gender equality. Last month we actually did a screening of the documentary. It went well!

HC:  Wow! That’s a lot going on. Is the group pretty big?

AS:  We have about 20 active members. We just started the group this semester, so that’s really good for a new club!

HC:  How can people get involved?

AS:  We are an official ASUU group, so people can just check out the community page. Or, the best way to stay up to date, is to follow our facebook page.

HC:  Awesome. Hopefully some of our readers will check it out. Are you involved in campus volunteering in any other ways?

AS:  I volunteer with Connect to Health though the university too.

HC:  What’s Connect to Health?

AS:  One of the most amazing opportunities I’ve ever had. We help disadvantaged or homeless individuals with holistic health care.

HC:  What do you mean by “holistic”?

AS:  We consider what health issues people are dealing with and how we can make their lives easier. Whether we deal with getting them food, rehab, reading glasses, housing, we really try to look at the whole picture. We consider things like how we can use our resources to help people get to their appointments, or how we can make sure someone has food to take their medications with.

HC:  That’s great. When did you become involved?

AS:  My freshman year. It’s been the most devastating and most rewarding thing – kind of amazing. People don’t think that they can do a whole lot, but just being a friendly face to chat with in the waiting room makes a difference. I’ve seen people come up out of nothing and really turn their lives around.

We truly find Abby amazing! Along with these two great organizations, Abby works as a U of U Campus Ambassador, organizes events for her sorority’s philanthropy (Pi Beta Phi – Literacy), and also frequently goes on alternative breaks and international trips to do health research. We also love Abby because she reminds us she still has a life outside of her volunteer work. She loves skiing, attending Ute football games, and making midnight runs to McDonald’s to order off the breakfast menu.

Abby is planning on going into medicine. She’s not sure what field, but she describes Med school as a “buffet” she can’t wait to sample! Cool fact, she’s the first person to pursue medicine in her family! Good luck Abby!

HC:  You do it all girl! Do you have any advice for readers looking to get more involved on campus?

AS:  The University of Utah literally has an office dedicated to helping students have a “Signature Experience.”  Students should start there! We have over 500 student groups on campus – honor society, intramurals, Bennion Center… you can’t go wrong! You just have to find your group of like-minded people and go with it. Don’t overload yourself though. I’ve been there and it’s not good. You can’t do it all, but do something – don’t just say you want to!

Did you hear that collegiettes™? Get out there and do something. We can’t wait to see what you do!


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