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9 Thoughts Every Gilmore Girls Newbie Has

Gilmore Girls. Yes, it is still a thing. If you’re anything like me and just barely got around to starting the series then you’ll know just how much it can consume your life in the first few episodes alone. Here are some thoughts that every Gilmore Girls newbie has when first entering the world of Stars Hollow.

1. That Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are best friend goals. Seriously, their connection is stronger than both that of Holmes and Watson and a covalent bond between atoms put together. 

2. Luke. Luke encompasses every view you’ve ever had and as a result is basically your spirit animal.

3. Internally thanking God for creating a young Chad Michael Murray.

4. Questioning where you can find yourself a hot and tall grocery stock boy like Dean? 

5. Agonizing over the amount of books referenced in a single episode and trying to internalize a to be read list in your head.

6. Thinking that you should pack your bags and move to Stars Hollow because its awesomeness is UNREAL.

7. Pulling your hair because there is already so much angst between Lorelai and Luke and you just want them to get married and be happy already even though you are only three episodes deep. 

8. Wondering how Lorelai and Rory manage to eat so much during their movie nights and not get fat. 

Really though…just wondering how they can eat so much in general.

9. Cackling to yourself at 3 AM when your 17 episodes in because this series is the sole definition of catharsis. 


Kaylee Ann Mortensen is a student at the University of Utah studying International Studies and English. In her free time she can be found reading, trying to master the language of french, looking up pictures of grizzly bears, and eating french fries.  
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