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8 Must Try Traditional Mexican Dishes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

1.  Tacos

MMMMM, tttaacooosss!

Types of meats: Al pastor (spit-roasted pork marinated in chiles and achiote), carnitas ( shredded pork meat), carne asada (marinated grilled beef).

You can never go wrong with tacos. You have not tasted one until you have eaten a street taco from Mexico. A small tortilla topped with meat, cilantro, onions, lime juice and choice of salsa, leaves your mouth watering with every bite.


2.  Torta de Carne Ahumada

This delicious dish is made of two white breads stuffed with carne ahumada meat (smoked-meat), topped with lettuce, tomato,onions, queso fresco (fresh cheese), avocado and choice of salsa.


3.  Pambazos

Similar to a torta with the exception that this white crispy bread is dipped in red guajillo chilli stuffed with potatoes and longaniza (chorizo/ pork sausage) and cream.


4.  Tamales

It’s a must have! You cannot go to Mexico and not eat a tamal. This dish consists of a corn dough stuffed with marinated meat or slices of cheese with jalapeños rapped in a corn leaf and vapored in a pot. Each tamal will taste different depending what part of the country you visit, I personally prefer tamales from Veracruz. Instead of being wrapped in the traditional corn leaf, el tamal veracruzano is wrapped in a banana leaf.


5.  Posole

 A hominy stew with shredded pork meat seasoned with oregano and garnished with red chili, topped with cabbage and lime. Great for a cold winter weather.


6.   Menudo

Traditional Mexican soup made with beef stomach and a red chili base, topped with cilantro, onion, oregano and lime.


7.  Mole

Your either love it or hate it! This dish consists of tender chicken covered in a chocolate and nut base, usually accompanied with white or red rice.


8.  Burritos

You can never go wrong with this dish, most savoring to-go meal. A flour tortilla stuffed with mostly meat and beans rolled tightly.  

Three most traditional burritos:

Meat and beans.

Meat, beans, rice and salsa.

Meat, beans, cheese, avocado, cream and salsa.

We all love good food so next time you find yourself wondering what you’ll be eating try one of these authentic dishes!! 

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor