$7.89: A Poem Of Love



While in love with the right love

One would say yes to walking with broken legs cross country.

One would say yes so quickly to a life created in a matter of moments.

With the wrong love a $30 plate of food is too much. Not because of one’s wealth or lack of, but because of the human sitting across the table from you.


Is the $30, $20, $7.89 love, love? Is it fair? I’m not sure if love actually is truth. Sometimes I’ve found more truth in fiction. And sometimes fiction helps create love. Is love alive or is it dead? What a ridiculous and important question.


That being said, a $7.89 plate of sausage and eggs can indeed be love. Eggs can easily be the equivalent of a ten year marriage if compared to some. That is the magic of love. That it takes a new form every moment between every person. Is a pack of cigarettes love? Yes. Camel AND Marlboro. Early cups of coffee? Yes.  $30,000 engagement ring? Most likely. Old socks that no longer match? Most definitely.

Fear can be love. Fear can be the largest love some know how to give. Does this make the afraid wrong? No, just difficult to understand. And to be around, for that matter.

Love wears all of these masks while performing for its self in front of the mirror. Theatre is only theatre if there’s an audience.


A deck of cards

Sex on the beach

Late night fights

Missing gloves

Tables flipped

Neil Diamond

Melted ice cream

Melted candles

Hospital waiting rooms

Champagne poured

Panic attacks

Handwritten love letters

Late night salsa dancing

Empty parking lots

German food

Restless nights

A pair of new socks

Protein bars

Amethysts crystals  

Walking the dog

And feeding the cat


Are all scenes in an act performed for no one. Is that when love lives? Is that when $7.89 and $7.89 become two completely different things?


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