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The 7 S’s You Need to Pack for Spring Break

One more week and we are free… for spring break that is! This is the week we trade in the mountains and (small amount of) snow for the sun, water, and white sand. While I bet you’re dreaming of laying in the sun getting an amazing tan, don’t forget to think about what you’ll need to pack for an unforgettable trip! To help to get you started on your packing list, we at Her Campus Utah want to remind you of the 7 S’s. The 7 S’s you need to be sure to pack for you spring break vacation in the sun!

1.   Sundress

Every girl needs a white sundress. They just do. If you don’t have one I recommend going to buy one today because I promise you’ll want to live in it while on vacation!

2.   Swimsuit

I hope a swimsuit is the first thing on your mind to pack. If it’s not, we need to talk. You’re going to the beach for a week so, pack at least 3 or 4 bikinis because let’s be honest that’s probably what your wardrobe will be everyday.

3.   Sunglasses

Your eyes need protection too! Make sure you’ll be able to see while out in the sun this vacation by packing your favorite pair of sunglasses.

4.   Sandals

Leave the white Converse’s at home ladies, or at least at the hotel when going to the beach. Bring your flip-flops, gladiators, or t-strap sandals and you’ll be all set!

5.   Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be your best friend over spring break. Yes, I know you want to get a tan but try not to burn in the process! Keep your skin young and healthy now, so you’ll have less wrinkles when you’re older.

6.   Sun Hat

Yes, my favorite accessory! If I could wear a sunhat or any type of floppy hat everyday, I would! They’re just so cute and be worn with anything. Pair it with your sundress and you’ll look like a sun goddess. 

7.   Spring Break Playlist

Every good vacation deserves a soundtrack. Need a little inspiration for yours? We’ve got you covered. Check out our last year’s spring break playlist and be on the lookout for this year’s coming next week!


Vermont native. Salt Lake City resident. Ellie Briggs is currently majoring in Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations at the University of Utah. She is serving as the Campus Correspondent, Co-President, and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus Utah, along with Mietra Aarabi. When Ellie is not focusing on her studies, writing, or editing countless articles, you can find her brunching with her sister and laughing at her own jokes. Follow her on Instagram @elliebriggs and Twitter @ellbriggs - she promises you won't get bored!
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