7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Jason Derulo Instead of Chris Brown

From time to time, for some unknown reason, I still hear people hyping up Chris Brown's music in 2018...even though they could be kicking back to Jason Derulo instead. Which is confusing, since Jason Derulo is both a talented singer AND dancer, AND hasn't abused multiple ex-girlfriends. Still (somehow???) not convinced? Join me and find out why you should be replacing "Kiss Kiss" with Jason Derulo tracks on your Spotify stat. 

1. Jason Derulo Hasn't Committed Domestic Violence Against Another Person

This should be enough to convince you, TBH. As we all know, Chris Brown hit his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 while the couple was on their way to an awards show. Brown turned himself in to the LAPD after a photo of Rihanna's injuries were leaked. His predatory behavior doesn't stop there -- multiple girls have accused Chris Brown of violence, and his ex-girlfriend was granted a restraining order after she said that Chris Brown threatened to kill her. There is no reason that a person like that should be famous, especially when there is a Jason Derulo who has NOT been accused of violence against women, as far as we know. The only relationship we know about with Jason Derulo was when he dated Jordin Sparks, and the worst thing he did was ghost her. That is much better than being a violent person.

2. Jason Derulo is a Great Dancer

Some people claim that they like Chris Brown because he is a great dancer and there aren't a lot of singers out there who are also great dancers. Well, look no further -- Jason Derulo not only makes severe bops, but he also is an awesome dancer! Watch any of his music videos and you will see the proof. So if you are in need of a sexy, singer who dances well, look no further than Jason Derulo! Jason Derulo's dance moves are not only great, but they are also very creative and fun. I love watching him dance because I see moves that I've never seen before. Chris Brown isn't even that great of a dancer anyway. 

3. Jason Derulo is Just as Hot as Chris Brown

I would personally argue that he is hotter. I mean, look at those muscles. There is no reason to stay latched to Chris Brown because of his looks when Jason Derulo and his muscles exist. Also if you really still like Chris Brown because he is hot, you really need to sort out your priorities. That is so hurtful to people like Rihanna that you will be okay with her being abused just because the abuser is "hot". There are 7 billion people on this earth, choose another hot guy for Christ's sake.

4. Derulo's Music is Better

I mean... have you heard Tiptoe? Or Swalla? Or any of his other songs? Chris Brown's only bop is Kiss Kiss, and I will fight anyone over this. Seriously, Derulo makes bangers every year that are impossible to not dance along to. I personally find that when I listen to Jason Derulo while running, I somehow run faster and for longer than with any other artist. This means Jason Derulo's music is good for your health. Therefore, you should listen to Jason Derulo instead of Chris Brown, 9 out of 10 doctors agree. 

5. The Existence of the Song Tiptoe ft. French Montana

Seriously if you haven't listened to this song, you need to. It is SO GOOD. This song is reason enough, trust me. Chris Brown could NEVER make a song like this. I thoroughly believe that this song was slept on by our society when it should have been celebrated. There should be a national Tip Toe Day where we all just listen to this song the entire day. I feel that passionately about it. 

6. Again, Jason Derulo did NOT Beat his Girlfriend 

Like seriously, he didn't...Chris Brown DID. Chris Brown not only beat his girlfriend -- he was violent against many other girls. He admitted it and everything, and we still listen to him. It's ridiculous. Jason Derulo deserves the fame, not Chris Brown.

7. This Picture 

I love this picture so much. This is Jason Derulo falling at the Met Gala. How does one even fall that hard? I laugh every time I see this. I also hope he didn't get hurt because we need a Tip Toe part 2. This picture is another great reason to listen to Jason Derulo over Chris Brown. Because it is funny.

So there you have it! These are 7 great, scientific reasons why you should listen to Jason Derulo (sexy, hot, good dancer) or Chris Brown (violent, admitted woman beater, mean). It is time for us to phase Chris Brown out of his fame, he doesn't deserve it. We enjoyed Kiss Kiss, Wake Me Up, and his other music but there is better music out there. Jason Derulo works too hard for us to ignore him like this, and his artistic style has grown so much over the years. So in the end, Jason Derulo trumps Chris Brown any day. 

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