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7 Holiday Fashion Styles That’ll Make You Spill Your Eggnog

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

So? You want to look festive and stylish this holiday season? Do you not only want your holiday stockings to be stuffed, but also comfortably fashionable as well? Do you want to shine bright like a Christmas tree in sequins and festive colors but without the itchiness of an ugly Christmas sweater?

Well my friend, like always, you’ve come to the right place. I haven’t let you down with my television show recommendations — why should I let you down with my fashion expertise? Especially during the festive holiday season. 

When wearing an ugly Christmas sweater for all twelve days of Christmas won’t suffice, (I mean hey, it sounds fun and you may look slightly crazy, but hey! Go for it! Rock those sweaters around the Christmas tree!) my holiday style guide will.Here are seven of my favorite holiday pieces to add to your wardrobe.

1. Sequin jackets, and hoodies, and dresses, oh my!

When your competition for shining the brightest and being the sparkliest in the room is the star on your Christmas tree, you need to bring your game on. Sequined dresses, pants and skirts are all in this year. Especially for the holiday season.

Even if you’re not used to wearing sequins, the Christmas season is a perfect excuse to start right now! Bright reds, and deeps blues will stand out in any Christmas party, and will surely add a holiday gleam to your wardrobe.

The Night Moves Sequin Harem Pant is available now for $148.

The Sequin Bomber Jacket is available now for $69.

Try this eye-catching sequin bomber from Socialite. It’s so cute! It’s one of my favorites for many reasons. Timothée Chalamet vibes anyone?

Timothée Chalamet in Louis Vuitton? YES. Definitely buying the sequin jacket.

2. Puff Sleeves Galore!

This fashion trend is back and better than ever! I mean, not like I witnessed it much before, but the puff sleeve looks way better than it did back then.

They are extremely cute and make any simple dress immediately interesting with a poof of the sleeves.

The Lima Mini Dress is available now for $228.

The Celeste Moire Top is available now for $169.

The One Last Kiss Emerald Green Velvet Puff Sleeve Mini Dress is available now for $34.50.

3. Bows! Bows! Bows!

Here’s something festive: presents. Hhhhmmm. Ya know what adorns gift-wrapped presents? Bows. There ya go. That’s it. A big spankin bow.

Put a big ole bow on any dress or headband and it’s a keeper! Now, if that bow is green, red or gold? Now we’re talkin. Your look is officially part of the holiday season.

The Celeste Moire Bow Dress is available now for $350.

The Satellite of Love Playsuit is available now for $495. 

Look! Little bows! How cute! :D

4. So Tulle

I love tulle, no matter what season. But tulle can really make a statement at an event, or rather any outing. So why not make it one at a holiday party?

You can find some lovely tulle skirts in beautiful pastel colors for a more casual fashion look. Pair it with an oversized sweater and it will pull the outfit together!

Or, really bring out your Christmas spirit with a bright red tulle. Which bring me to my next style…

The Rhea Skirt is available now for $128.

The Clemence Crop Top is available now for $122.

5. Red Velvet, Red Velvet, Oh Red Velvet

Did somebody say Christmas? Bring out the red velvet carpet, because if anyone can rock a red velvet dress it’s you. Yeah, that’s right. I said you!

You’ll look amazing in these red velvet dresses. Climb into one, throw on some earrings and slide into some colorful heels, and you’re good to go.

The Carnaby Romper is available now for $200.

The Slim Pull-on Velvet Pants are available now for $78.

6. Moto Boots, Lace-Up Boots, Dr. Martens, Whatever You Will!

Moto Boots can look amazing with your oversized sweater and tulle skirt, or maybe you’d fancy them with your puff sleeve dress? Most occasions, they’ll go with anything. A classic lace-up boot will make any holiday dress casually fashionable and instantly go with some of your best holiday looks.

The Check Lace-Up Boot is available now for $168.

The Eberly Lace-Up Boot is available now for $178.

7. Plaid-Plaid-Plaid-Plaid

Wherever there is a cute oversized sweater, there’s bound to be plaid pants. They are just so dang cute! Especially for winter. 

You can either keep your plaid pants in some simple colors, black, grey, brown, beige, what have you. OR, if you wanna go crazy, (and stylish) just in time for your winter meltdown, you can opt in for a funky mixture of colors. Christmas colors such as red and green go great in plaid.

The Birch Wide Leg Pant is available now for $108.

The Good Vibes Trouser is available now for $98.

See the Dr. Martens? Yeah, I told you so.

The High Street Plaid Tights are available now for $30.

They even have plaid tights! Cuteness!

The Strike Out Plaid Puffer Jacket is available now for $169.95.

– One more! They have it in jacket form! 

The Ranch Pant is available now for $228.

Okay, last one! I swear!

So, there they are! The 7 essential holiday fashion styles that will be on everyone’s holiday wishlist this year. Go on a winter shopping spree, ask Santa for them, gift them to your BFF – wait, screw them, they’re too cute. Save them for yourself!

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