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7 Friends You Don’t Need In Your Life

Friendship is an essential aspect in everyone’s life.  As Aristotle once said, “Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.”  We couldn’t agree more!  We all need our friends, and we know that they can definitely make our lives better.  But have you ever felt the opposite?  Maybe you have that one friend that annoys you more than anything.  Learning that you don’t have to be or stay friends with everyone is a tough but a necessary lesson that a lot of girls need to figure out.  Take a look at this list and see if there’s some social spring cleaning to be done!

     1. The Whiner

“I really need to vent right now!”  Yep, that is their favorite quote.  We get that life is not always easy, but everything seems to displease The Whiner.  They always find something to whine about, and we do not really need that negative energy around us.

     2. The Center of the Universe

We all know one friend like this. The Center of the Universe people have the ability to turn every conversation around so that it can be about them. Why? Because everything must be about them. You can start the conversation by saying the reasons you are upset, for instance, but you will find yourself comforting them in the end– because something bothers them too!

     3. The Over-Competitive One

Friendly competition is healthy, but for the over-competitive, every single thing is a competition. The potential reasons for this abound and sometimes they can push you to be be better or reach higher, but genuine support and compliments may be things they can never give you.

     4. The Stubborn One

You gave them advice, you told them a million times already, but they never listen. Then they always come back for more advice from you; only to ignore it again.

     5. The Passive-Aggressive

Instead of telling you what you did wrong, this friend decides to just show you some hostile attitudes.

     6. The Gossip

The gossip doesn’t know how to keep a secret. There is no “I promise I won’t tell anyone” in their dictionary. I know it, you know it, so should everybody!

     7. The Always Right

Disagreements in discussions are normal. But for this one friend, everything you say is just never right.They’ll keep correcting you, denying your input and putting you down.

So ladies, did you find on of your friend in on this list? Think deeply about who you surround yourself with, how they affect you and how you affect them. Maybe you can make some changes for the better!

I'm a junior majoring in English. 2013-2014 Fulbright's Global UGRAD grantee.
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