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The 7 Emotional Stages of Going to a Haunted House

If you did not go to a haunted house during Halloween season, did you even experience Halloween?  During the month of October, collegiettes have an urge to attend a haunted house with a group of friends or that cutie from math class. For some reason, when pumpkin-flavored everything comes to mind, so does a desperate desire to be scared. But, feeling scared isn’t the only feeling leading up to a haunted house…


1. The Excited Stage

This is the stage when you are so stoked to go with your friends. You are pumped, ready, and the idea of clenching on to the back of each other brings a smile to your October-loving face.

2.  The Cocky Stage

Then you start getting a bit cocky in front of those “scaredy cats”.  You act like that house that is “haunted” is really nothing, and that only little kids get scared at these.


3.  The Nervous Stage

Finally, you enter the haunted house and begin noticing more things like the real man acting like he is fake in the corner, and wondering if someone just touched you or is following you from behind even though no one is.

4. The Reasoning Stage

Phew, none of this is real.  It is all fake. I’m not scared and this will be over in no time.

5. The Absolutely Horrified Stage

Out of no where, everyone and everything starts popping out at you, and you start to PANIC. You do not know where to go, and the house turns into a maze with too many different pathways.  This fun activity turns into no fun at all!

6.  The Relieved Stage

And then, it is all done.  Nothing will come out at you or surpirse you.  You are relieved for you conquered the Halloween activity of a haunted house.  

7.  The “Done” Stage

Now you can go brag to all of your friends like it was no big deal at all.  You wave to haunted house, throw up a peace sign, and say, “see you next year”.

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