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7 Dessert Places for Your Trip to New York

For fall break this year I had the opportunity to go to New York with my roommates! Besides pretending like I was Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, I also really enjoyed the wide range of food New York had to offer, especially the amazing desserts! For the whole week my roommates and I decided we wanted to try some of the best dessert places that Manhattan had to offer. Here is a compellation of the best dessert places that we went to.


1. Tiger Sugar 

Tiger Sugar is a Boba place located in Chinatown. It has completely perfected Brown Sugar Boba! I don’t think I can ever go back to even the best Boba places in Salt Lake after tasting the silky and smooth Boba from Tiger Sugar. It was definitely one of my favorite places in New York! 


2. Super Moon Bake House

Home to an array of flavored croissants Super Moon Bake House contains flavors from Lavender Peach to Chocolate Chip, with so many options there is definitely something for everyone. They are stuffed with just the right amount of filling and make the perfect breakfast in the morning. 


3. Eataly

Eataly is super yummy and offers some very authentic Italian food. You can get pasta, pizza, and any dessert from different counters that specialize in a particular food. They even have Make-Your-Own cannoli! 


4. Milk Bar

If you want a little twist in your ice cream, then Milk Bar is the perfect place for you. The two ice cream flavors are cereal milk and milk bar pie. I cannot even begin to describe the unique taste they both have. You will have to go to find out what they taste like!  


5. Bluestone Lane

An Austrian café containing some of the best drinks, even my personal favorite, chai. The employees are super nice and the drinks they serve are classy and totally Instagram worthy. 


6. Doughnut Plant

This donut shop offers a selection of uniquely flavored donuts. There is no going wrong because they all taste delicious. My favorites were the Crème brûlée donut and the coconut cream donut. 


7. Odd Fellows

Odd Fellows, located in Brooklyn, serves traditional gelato. It was super creamy and not too sweet. My personal favorite was mint chocolate chip. 


New York is filled with a plethora of dessert places. This list contains only some suggestions, but there are plenty more fantastic food options behind every corner. This is especially true because New York is filled with so much cultural diversity. New York, I cannot wait for all of your dessert discoveries! 

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Jess is a sophomore studying Biology at the University of Utah.
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