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6 Simple Halloween Accessories To Make The Day Even Better

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

Sometimes it is chaotic for our collegiates to even come up with what to wear, let alone what costume to fit our personality and our interests at the time. And, that is okay especially with our important and hectic schedules. However, if you love Halloween like I do, you feel the need to celebrate it someway somehow. These simple accessories can help all of us celebrate Halloween without too much hassle.

1. Hair Accessories

If you’re looking for a hassle free accessory, hair accessories can be your best friend. This Halloween look in stores for bows, flowers, headbands, and even adorable spider clips. If you want to look up some ideas on Pinterest on how to make your own. And, the best places to look around would be Hot Topic, Etsy, and even Claire’s. Each having a unique style and variety. 

2. Purses

Purses are amazing to have, especially when you just need to throw random things in them. This Halloween you could find a purse or bag that not only represents your personality but also celebrate this awesome holiday. Obviously, stores are endless from Hot topic, to a nifty thrift store, to even online. Your sure to find a purse that is too good to pass up. 

3. Jewels!

Jewelry is one of the simplest and most personalized accessories out there. There is a variety for each individual. Places that are selling some Halloween-ish jewelry would be most likely everywhere, however, here are some of my personal favorites: Claire’s, Hot Topic, and Charming Charlies. The best thing about jewelry is that one or two will do because they can be small accents to a larger outfit. They make things just pop!

4. Makeup

Makeup can range, especially on the individual. This Halloween you could go with a simple Marilyn Monroe sultry eye look or even smokey eye with spider embellishment look. The one thing about Halloween is that you can try any makeup tutorial without much judgment. Not only can simple makeup be cute but adding little embellishments like washable tattoos could make it more celebratory.

5. School Supply

What would scream Halloween spirit better than having awesome school supply?! It is easy and it is pretty fun. You can decorate your notebooks (spooky cardstock, some mode podge, and a composition notebook), journals, even find Halloween pencils about anywhere. You could even take it step further by finding an adorable phone cover. Some awesome stores to look at are Etsy, Target, and Michael’s.

6. Outfit

Additionally, if you don’t want to dress up in a costume, a cute outfit that has small Halloween embellishment screams classy and fun. Outfits match your personality and can be fun to put together. So go on a shopping trip for a new outfit whether it be at your favorite thrift shop or your favorite store in the mall.

Lastly, please have fun this Halloween! It is okay to celebrate at this age and it is more fun to come up with ideas for yourself but also for others! so please be a trick and treat for everyone! 

Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor