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6 Reasons Not to Cut Class in College

Every student will undoubtedly discover at some point in their college career that cutting class in college is exponentially easier than it ever was in high school. In college, there’s not going to be any phone call home when you’re not in your seat. There’s not going to be any note sent home from worried teachers. Besides a loss of attendance points in some classes where it is mandatory, nothing is really going to happen. Nothing that is until final exams come out and you have no idea what’s going on. Or the final week of class rolls around and your professor doesn’t bat an eye at your pleas for any form of extra credit. So for any student in college, regardless of your year, here are the top six reasons not to cut class in college.

1. Too Cool for School Isn’t Cool

This isn’t high school. No one cares about whether or not you were “cool” enough to skip class on Monday, including your professor. It’s not their job to make sure you get a good grade if you can’t care enough to show up to class. And when you come crawling to them begging for extra credit, they’re not going to care. The integrity of your education depends on one person and one person alone in college: you.

2. You’re Paying for It

Every time you skip class you literally pay for it, in tuition bills that is. You’re currently paying our university tuition so you can earn a degree in a field you’re interested in. By skipping class you are only hindering your own education and devaluing your degree. While Netflix and social events are tempting, in the end they’re not going to help you walk across the stage to receive your diploma. Even if it’s a gen-ed class you’re dreading taking, get your butt to class and get your money’s worth out of your schooling. It’ll pay off in the end.

3. You Learn Things

What an idea, learning things in class?! Honestly though, there will be classes that will post the lectures on canvas and you’ll have a textbook at home. It’s tempting to simply rely on these two resources because if you’re dedicated enough to them you’ll probably be able to pass without going to class in person. But by doing this there is so much you don’t even know you’re missing out on. Professors will often stray from their power point lectures and delve into the subject on a deeper level during class, delivering invaluable information you don’t even know you’re missing. By going to class you not only learn information you can’t get simply from your textbook, but you learn the teaching style of the teacher, which will better prepare you for their exams and expectations in work.

4. You Make New Friends

Making new friends in college often isn’t as easy as one might expect it to be. But, there’s one constant place where you have the opportunity to make a new friend. You guessed it: class! The classroom is literally filled with other students who all share similar interests as you and probably wouldn’t mind having another friend in their life as well. You automatically have something in common as you’ll be sitting in the same room for the next 15 weeks. Take advantage of the opportunity to go to class and make new friends, instead of sitting at home watching Netflix.

5. Get to Know Your Professor

Developing a professional student to teacher relationship with your professor is one of the smartest things a student can do. Professors are more than happy to help students with anything they need when they see the student actually cares and is willing to put in the effort. Having a professor who respects you can result in letters of recommendation, help with class work, and even job opportunities. Networking isn’t confined to the workspace, by networking with your professors in class one hundred doors could be opened in front of you. But you will never develop this relationship unless you go to class.

6. Habits Transfer

Skipping class in college because you can is the start to a nasty habit. Laziness is often contagious in all aspects of your life, so once you start being lazy with your education this laziness is bound to transfer into other aspects of your life. No employer is looking to hire a lazy worker or student who would rather skip class then attend. Start developing healthy and driven habits by attending class, even on the days you really don’t want to. This drive will prepare you for the real world and make you better off for it.

Sure, there will always be the occasional day when you’re sick or other unforeseen issues arise. Not going to class on these days is acceptable, and if you reach out to your professor to explain the situation they will be understanding and appreciate your honesty. No one expects you to go to class when you feel like dying from the flu, and quite frankly none of your peers or professors want you to come to class on these days. But playing hooky every week is a different story. Develop good attendance habits and your education and personal life will reap the benefits. You’re paying for these courses, even if you don’t like them you might as well get the most out of them! Happy class!

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