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6 Foods You Should Be Making Instead of Buying

As a “starving college student,” groceries can not only be very expensive, but are sometimes not all that great. Making your food instead of buying it can really save you money in the long run, is super easy to do, and will change the way you look at food. Here are some simple and delicious recipes to try and to fall in love with. They will definitely change your life.


1. Pasta 

For a college student, pasta is essential. It is cheap, easy to cook, and delicious. However, homemade pasta will change your life, and it may even ruin store-bought pasta for you. This recipe is simple, helpful, and will become a staple in your life. All you need is a pasta maker, which you can buy at your local thrift store for $5.


2. Biscuits –

Biscuits are a quick and easy snack that can add to any meal at any time of the day. Store bought biscuits are fine, but homemade biscuits are buttery, flaky, and all around awesome. The recipe is incredibly simple and perfect for any college student.


3. Tortillas and Tortilla Chips –

This is definitely the most useful recipe on this list. Homemade tortillas take no time at all to make, and are so much better than pre-packaged tortillas. This recipe can help you diversify your weekly meals, will make you feel more accomplished, and give you a stronger appreciation for food. You can either make entire flour tortillas for burritos, tacos, and other things, or you can cut them up and put them in the oven to make delicious and healthy chips.


4. Guacamole and Salsa –

All chips and tortillas need a good side of guacamole and salsa. Homemade guacamole and salsa is fresh, tasty, and can be easily adjusted for a specific pallet. I highly recommend that you use these recipes, then modify accordingly to fit it your own personal tastes. It will change the way you look at salsa, and it will teach you how to play with spices and heat levels in your cooking.


5. Mayonnaise 

Mayo is something that we all use, but it is not very healthy and most people don’t even know what is in it. This recipe is extremely simple, so much better than jarred mayo, and will enhance all of your future sandwiches. This homemade mayo can also be used to make other condiments like delicious ranch dressing and fry sauce.


6. Smoothies 

Homemade smoothies are a great source of nutrition. In addition, they better than bottled smoothies, and a great way to clean out your fridge (not to mention they’re significantly cheaper than the Naked Juice you pick up on your way to class).  With a blender, you can clear your fridge and freezer of all of the veggies, fruits, and juices that are close that need to be eaten soon before they expire. There is not really a specific recipe for this, all you need to do is use your imagination, and you will end up with something delicious.


Using these recipes now will save you money, get you eating healthier, and give you a greater appreciation for food, and will better your life in the long run. All of these recipes are simple and delicious, and no matter which ones you decide to use, you will definitely be satisfied with the results.


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Mariah Iverson is a senior studying sociology at the University of Utah. She grew up in Apple Valley, California and moved to Utah to be closer to her family. She enjoys listening to music, reading, cooking, drawing, traveling, and helping others. She enjoys writing about her favorite TV shows, cooking, LGBTQ experiences, and advice, and in her free time she can be found laying on the ground outside taking in the world. Enjoy Mariah's articles and everything she has to offer!
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