6 Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow

As the weather gets warmer, it approaches the time where have to do the infamous "summer shift" in our closets, in preparation for the heat that will be gracing us in the near future (I hope). For me, I tend to improve my style in anyway possible once the summer months start coming by. Whether it’s a different type of shirt or a pair of shoes I’ve seen other people wear, I like to change what I put on. And because I’m not always in the mood to go shopping and spend hours finding a new item to welcome into my closet, I turn my attention to Instagram. Love it or hate it, like so many others, Instagram has had some sort of influence on my style--winter and summer alike. Despite popular belief, Instagram fashion bloggers are the best, as they have not only improved my style, but have also introduced me to some of my favorite stores. Here’s some of my fave bloggers that have been vital in forming my unique summer style. 


1. Candice Nikeia / @candicenikeia


Candice is probably one of my favorite bloggers of all time. Her personality and versatility definitely come out in every post she makes. She wears clothes that are affordable and perfect for the warmer weather. Not only is she great at styling her outfits, but she pairs these outfits with the best accessories like a gorgeous gold choker or some super simple hoops.


2. Prudence Richardson / @prudencekate

Casual or a night out, Prudence makes both work. She dresses her outfits up in an effortless way that anyone can achieve. I follow her because of the wide range styles and outfits she creates.. She knows how to make a casual t-shirt work with any bottoms, including silk skirts and patterned shorts.


3. Kathleen Barnes / @kathleen_barnes

Kathleen is a go-to when you need inspiration for  formal and professional events, but she is also great when it comes to basic and casual days. Her looks vary from post to post, but there’s no denying that she’s mastered the casual t-shirt and distressed denims jeans look.

4. Louise O’Reilly / @stylemecurvy

Louise’s style is so colorful and bright, which I love for the warmer months. Not only is she a body-positive activist, but she’s also a successful model. Throughout her feed, she shows us ways of styling any item of clothing. My favorites have to the jumpsuits and slip dresses she styles, turning them into everyday looks.

5. Kiara King / @lioninthewild

If you’re into more simple and effortless looks, Kiara is the one for you. Not only are her post literally perfect, showing her followers places all around the world, but she also pairs her accessories perfectly to her outfits. Not only that, but she has a collection of purses and sunglasses everyone needs in their life.


6. Raeann Langas / @raeannlangas

Raeann’s feed has to be my favorite. She doesn’t have a specific style and creates looks that will look good on anyone. She shows how well the saying “less is more” can be when it comes to dressing up. Other than clothes, she also post about her journey of redecorating her house, so if you’re into home decor, you have to follow her!


These accounts have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to dressing up. And what better time than Summer to experiment with what style fits you the best. With these six fashion bloggers, I found that you don’t need to look far, nor do you have to calim a certain style to pull an outfit off, all you need is to feel comfortable and most importantly, confident.

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