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6 Affordable Clothing Sites That Will Transform Your Wardrobe

If you’re in serious need of a new wardrobe but your bank account doesn’t feel the same way, I have news for you: shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. Not only can it be pricey, but with so many options, it can be overwhelming. After rounding it down to these six sites, however, shopping can be both quick and fun. Plus, so many of these brands include discounts and other options that make paying easier.


1. Pretty Little Thing

Based in the UK, Pretty Little Thing has a huge variety of styles to fit everyone’s needs. From basics to cute patterns, PLT has options for just about everyone. They’re also inclusive when it comes to sizes. Plus, petite, and tall are a few options they do offer. Dresses start at $10 while tops begin at $6, and not only that, this brand has sales almost everyday. Depending on what time you visit the site, 60% to 10% off is possible on every order.


2. Missguided

This is one of my favorite clothing sites when it comes to finding the most trendy pieces! This site has a huge assortment of clothing, from everyday casual to a night out, and both you and your wallet will be happy with the purchases you’ve made. Popular for their neutral-colored staple pieces, creating a wardrobe on Missguided is effortless. Like PLT, this site also has frequent sales and free shipping on orders over $60.

3. BooHoo

Known more for their going out clothing pieces, BooHoo is insanely affordable and diverse in both styles and sizes. Prices go as low as $5, and they are also offering 80% off on everything at the moment. Their matching two piece sets make for the cutest outfits!

4. Lulus

In need of inexpensive occasion wear? Lulu’s caters towards those in need of cocktail dresses and wedding guest apparel. Not only do they sell the most flattering dresses, they also offer accessories like earrings, purses, and necklaces to pair with any outfit. Shoes like heels and sandals are also sold to dress up your outfit. Buying a combination of items could also make you eligible to get free shipping on orders over $50.

5. Tobi

Tobi is perfect for those that have or want a simpler wardrobe. Having both occasion and casual wear, this site will let your money go a long way! From striped rompers to wrap dresses, this site is great for updating and adding to your summer outfits.


6. Princess Polly

As my favorite of all of the affordable clothing sites, Princess Polly has the best selection of clothes. Based in Australia, this brand offers clothing that isn’t seen or sold in many US stores. The wide variety makes it so that you never get tired of spending time on the site. And although this site has higher prices than the other sites mentioned, there are occasional sales and students are eligible for discounts.


Extras: Makes Shopping 100 Times Better


  • Student Discounts

Who would’ve thought that these sites offered even more discounts on top of those low prices? With the company ‘uniDAYS’, many brands including Tobi, Princess Polly, and Lulus have all partnered to offer a range of discounts to college students. Simply make a uniDAYS account and link it to your university account. By doing this you are open to so many discounts! And not just with clothes; Apple Music, Kate Spade, and Adidas also offer discounts to students.


  • Afterpay

Afterpay is a new company that also works with many clothing sites, allowing customers to pay their orders in installments. Not only does this allow you to buy what you want, when you want, but interest is never added.


Shopping for a new and improved wardrobe can be exhausting. Trying to transform a wardrobe can also take more money than some have to spend. But with these six sites, creating a new style or collection can be easy. Starting slow with simple staple pieces and neutral colors are all that is needed in order to get to that goal of a new wardrobe. Moving on to going out outfits, two piece sets, and other extra pieces can definitely be an occasional buy too! What’s most important is buying clothes that make you feel and look good, and the price makes it a little more worth it.  

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