5 Vegan Restaurants to Try in SLC

Whether you’re a life-long vegan, or you’re just starting to test out eating a more plant-based diet, here’s a guide to some must-try vegan restaurants in the Salt Lake Valley. Although some might think that vegan dining cannot compare to traditional restaurants, these places showcase just how amazing vegan food can be!

1. Vertical Diner

The Vertical Diner is an American-style restaurant just a few blocks south of downtown Salt Lake. Vertical Diner serves all vegan food that is 90% gluten-free, and the diner tries to serve as many organic and locally grown items as possible. Check out the Vertical Diner for your vegan, comfort food cravings!

2. Bolt Cutter

In the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Bolt Cutter is located just in Gallivan Plaza. Bolt Cutter specializes in street tacos, and its menu features many Mexican and Central American classics, all within a 100% vegan environment. Although it first opened its doors in February of 2018, this restaurant is already a well-loved vegan destination.

3. Buds

Located between downtown and the University of Utah campus, Buds offers delicious sandwiches, salads, and sides that take a vegan twist on classic dishes. As an inexpensive place to drop by for lunch, this place has been a destination for both meat-eaters and vegans alike since 2012. 

4. All Chay

Just west of the Utah Capitol Building, in the Fairpark area, lies this vegan Vietnamese restaurant. For lunch, dinner, or takeout, All Chay has been serving traditional Vietnamese fare to the Salt Lake area since 2015. Come here for the great food, and stay for the great service and low prices.

5. Passion Flour Patisserie

Just west of Liberty Park and a few blocks south of downtown, Passion Flour Patisserie has been crafting vegan, French goods since 2015. This place is designed as a café and a spot to grab lunch or pastries, but you can also order cakes for both yourself and your dog here!

Although it can sometimes be difficult to find plant-based options while dining-out, these restaurants show that vegan dining can be just as delicious! From France to Vietnam, and diner foods to sandwich stops, Salt Lake City has a vast array of vegan options for all of your cravings. Be sure to check out these places the next time you’re in need of a night out!

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