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5 Tips for Your Trip to Kuta, Bali

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

You don’t need to be on your honeymoon or go on a month-long spiritual journey to take on Bali. Every part of Bali holds its own adventure and Kuta is not one to miss out on… but before venturing to everyone’s bucket list island, make sure you check out my tips!

Bargain Like Buckwild!

Money should not be an issue. ATMs and local cash exhange shops (not the airport) are your best friends! Take out as much money as you think you’ll spend for the entirety of your trip and more. You’re going to find out quickly how inexpensive it is out there.

Adding on to that, you’re also going to have to unlock or touch-up on your bargaining skills. Everything, besides restaurants and official stores, is free game. That includes day trips, water activities, tours, and Louis Vuitton bags (!). And just note, the first price presented to you is most likely double the original price. This is not their first rodeo, so show them that it’s not yours and go for it! 

Surf’s Up!

One of the main reasons to come to Kuta Beach is the awesome waves that are perfect for all skill sets!

If you’ve never surfed in your life (like muah), then take advantage of the surf lessons provided by one of the many instructors along the beach! They’re all awesome people and really motivated to help you learn. BARGAIN!

Release Turtle Babies

Check out and help out the Bali Sea Turtle Society. They protect turtle eggs and release the hatched turtles back into the ocean.

Make sure to be there by 3pm each day to join in on the vibe! Experiencing your adopted turtles’ first steps towards the ocean is actually really adorable. 

Islands Galore

Monkey temples, parasailing, flyboarding, beach clubs, snorkeling and water parks galore! There is so much to do at every corner of Kuta and all of Bali — you just can’t go wrong!

Make sure to bargain for the tours and activities because that is where you’ll really need to buckle down. You’re going to need to score the right price in order to check out all the cool places you see on your Instagram feed.

Don’t forget to stack up on snacks and wear comfortable shoes, lord forbid I forget take my own advice. Truly enjoy!


Hold On!

Remember how important it is to get your bargain groove on? Let me reiterate — get it on!

However, this is mainly if you DARE to rent out your own scooter and take on the pretty gnarly streets of Bali! It’s chaos. It’s awesome!

No worries though. If you’re not really up to the task of feeling the rush of the Bali roads, or just want to make sure you get from Point A to Point B in one piece, there’s GRAB. It’s an app. It’s awesome.

Make sure you get that sucker downloaded and you’ll get some decent prices to get you where you need to go. Just like Uber, it’ll let you know who you’re riding with and what their vehicle looks like (they got some sick wheels out there).

If you don’t have internet, or worse, lose your phone…again, don’t worry, just say yes to any local that looks at you in your face and asks if you need a ride. Trust me, there’s plenty. Bali is of the plentiful in every which way.

All in all Kuta is a blast! And whether you go with friends or go solo, you’re bound to meet some incredible people. Take a chance and go on your spiritual journey to Bali!!!

Stay classy.
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor