5 Indie Bands to Refresh Your Summer Playlist

Summer is almost here and, if you’re like me, you’re probably beginning to create a summer playlist. Nothing beats summertime, cruising around with the windows down, hair in your face, and music so loud you can barely sing over it. It’s the season of fun, relaxation, adventures, and endless memory making that needs the perfect summer playlist. Instead of adding the constantly over-played songs on the radio, listen to these five indie bands that will breathe new life into your summer playlist!


LANY (standing for Los Angeles New York) is an indie pop band from Los Angeles that formed in 2014. Since then, the band has released three EP’s (Make Out, kinda, and I Loved You.) and two albums (LANY and Malibu Nights). LANY has quickly risen in the charts with synth pop beats, West Coast vibes and deeply personal lyrics. Front-man Paul Jason Klein uses his personal experiences of love and heartbreak to create music that will make you want to fall in love, cry, and dance at the same time.


2. Hockey Dad

Thanks to my roommate, I was introduced to the Australian surf-rock band, Hockey Dad. Hockey Dad consists of two members: Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson. They have released one EP (Dreamin’) and two albums (Boronia and Blend Inn). Hockey Dad has become one of my favorite bands with their vibrant rock sound that take me back to my summer memories. Their music is so lively and carefree, you’ll definitely want to add them to your summer playlist!


3. Bad Suns

Bad Suns has been my go to summer band for the last couple years with their unique rock sound. They’ve mixed 70s/80s influences with contemporary rock to create a blissful sound unlike other indie/alternative bands. Bad Suns have released three albums (Language & Perspective, Disappear Here, and Mystic Truth) since their formation in 2012. Each album captures the essence of summer, dreaming, passion, and young love that will have you feeling on top of the world with every listen.

4. Summer Salt

The Summer Salt is an indie pop band from Austin, Texas that formed in 2013. Summer Salt has released one full length album (Happy Camper) in 2018 and three EP’s (Driving to Hawaii, Going Native, and So Polite) between 2014-2016. Their music is reminiscent of sixties pop with breezy guitar riffs and silky vocals that create a dreamy sound. They have the perfect music to listen to while relaxing by the pool: slow beachy vibes mixed with subtle rock elements.


COIN is easily one of my favorite bands of all time with their eccentric indie pop vibes. Formed in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, COIN is growing their following with each release. They have released two albums (COIN and How Will You Know if You Never Try) with a third on the way! Their music is full of catchy lyrics, synth beats, and great guitar riffs that leave a distinct impression on the listener. COIN makes you want to shout their lyrics at the top of your lungs while dancing your heart out. They remind you not to worry about the future and live for the now!

These bands will completely transform your summer playlist and give you exclusive aux-cord privileges for every windows-down drive with friends, road trip, pool party, and more!


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