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Spring has sprung and it’s time to liven up your living space with some new spring decorations! Here are 5 easy DIYs that will lighten up your space!


Tassel Garland

This DIY is probably the most simple out of the five. All you need is yarn and scissors. To make the tassels, wrap the yarn around your hand until you get it to as thick as you want the tassel. Once you decide on the proper thickness, take the yarn off your hand and then wrap the end around the top. Either glue or tie the yarn at the top to securely hold the tassel. Then cut the loop at the bottom to make the fringey end. Once you have made all the tassels you want, string them on a long piece of yarn and hang it up anywhere you want!


Pinecone Flowers

If you are really hurting for cash, this is the perfect DIY for you. All you need is pinecones (which you can gather outside), sticks (you can also get these from nature), and spray paint. Spray paint the pinecones fun pastel colors. Glue the bottom of the pinecones to the sticks. Plop them in a vase and you have a bouquet of beautiful pinecone flowers.


String Art with Faux Flowers

This craft takes a little more skill than the others, but not that much more. You will need a wooden board (either stained or painted), wire nails, a hammer, string, and fake flowers. First trace your “vase” (it can be a mason jar or any type of vase you come up with) onto your wooden board. Then hammer in the nails spaced evenly apart along the tracing. Once the nails are secure, glue the flowers into the center of the vase making a nice floral arrangement. Then wrap the string around the nail to form the outline of the vase and make a design across the “surface” of the vase if you would like. Now you have a piece of wall art with a lovely floral arrangement to display in your room.


Mason Jar Pen Holders

If you are looking for a more functional piece of decor, this is perfect for you. What you need is a mason jar or another glass jar of some sort and acrylic paint. Paint the outside of your jar with a base layer of acrylic paint with the lid of the jar removed. Once it has dried after however many coats needed to have an even layer of color, paint on a fun spring design. Once that has dried, you can either leave the lid off or put the rim back on. Add your pens and pencils or whatever you need to store and you have cute, yet functional piece of decor.


Mini Succulent Planters

This DIY is simple and allows you to add some greenery to your space. You will need hexagon marble tiles, large plastic Easter eggs, a gold leaf pen, a hot glue gun, and an assortment of succulents and some potting soil. Take the bottom half of the Easter eggs and color the top edge of the egg using the gold leaf pen. Then use the hot glue gun to fill in any holes at the bottom of the egg. After that has dried, glue the egg to the hexagon tiles to give them a flat base. Fill your mini planters with potting soil and succulents and you’re finished! Place them around your room or in your window sills for a nice splash of greenery to liven up the space.

Decorating for a new season can become expensive quick. But with these fun DIYs it doesn’t have to be! Happy crafting and decorating, collegiates!

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