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5 Fashion Lessons We Can All Learn From Future

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

1. Find a classic hat

Future is arguably the king of headwear within hip-hop. Much of the time, he can be spotted wearing a wide-brimmed hat. Future pulls off this look by keeping his hat the focal point of the outfit and not letting it overwhelm his aesthetic. He also sports beanies from time to time, but the wide-brimmed hat typical of his style keeps things fresh and bold.

2. When it comes to jewelry, more is more

Often seen donning many gold chains, bracelets, and rings, Future exemplifies the style of Atlanta rappers perfectly. Chains are a central accessory to trap culture and hip-hop in general, and Future keeps this aesthetic wearable by pairing his jewelry with neutral, basic fabrics.

3. Go monochrome

When in doubt, stick to one color family. Future does this in many varying positions on the color wheel. This bold red color certainly makes a statement, but he has been spotted wearing full-beige outfits as well. All-black looks are also classics. Monochrome outfits can be as bold or as neutral as you want, making the style very versatile.

4. Keep sunglasses on deck

It is rare to see Future not donning a pair of dark sunglasses, indoors or outdoors. They have become an essential to many of his looks, and they add mystery and coolness to all of his outfits. Since he wears them so often, a noticeable contrast is created whenever he isn’t in them, making his eyes stand out significantly. Perhaps the most significant effect of this accessory is what happens when he finally takes them off. This Rolling Stone cover perfectly captures the mood created when he ditches the dark shades.

5. Try camo

Future is often seen sporting camo prints within his outfits. Camo is a common print sold by A Bathing Ape, a Japanese clothing line that Future, as well as many other rappers, are often seen wearing. Many mainstream stores like Forever21 and H&M carry camo pieces, and the print’s neutral colors and versatility make it extremely wearable.


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