5 Artists to Listen to This Summer

Summer is just around the corner as we finish up our finals. It is also the season for beaches, sun kissed skin, and some fine tunes to listen to as you drive along the coast. Here are nine artists that I can’t stop listening to.


1. King Princess

This stunning 19-year-old has been sought after by labels since she was 11. She decided to finish her education, however, before pursuing music full time. This relatively new artist is breaking grounds with her husky voice, musical style, and androgynous look. She released her debut single, 1950, February 23 of this year. Check out her Soundcloud for more of her lyrical voice.


2. First Aid Kit

A Swedish indie folk duo consists of sisters, Johanna and Klara Söderberg. They started releasing music in 2007 and officially came out with an album in 2010. Their songs make me want to strip out of these human costumes, run into the forest, and howl at the moon (only partially kidding of course). Check out the music video for Fireworks from their latest album, Ruins.


3. Mondo Grosso

Shinichi Osawa, otherwise known for his stage name, Mondo Grosso is a Japanese DJ, musician, composer, and record producer. His music is strongly influenced based on underground club music. He often does collabs with other Japanese artists to make art like this.


4. Morgan Saint

She debuted in 2017 with beautiful light, throaty vocals. The U’s own radio station, K-UTE, actually had her on this past month. With striking visuals like her jet-black mullet and fashion choices, she’s an all-kill. Be sure to check out her visually aesthetic music video, Just Friends.


5. Phum Viphurit

This Thailand native started writing music at 18. His style is described as very acoustic based and belongs in the indie folk genre. He released his first album in 2017 and the song Lover Boy has major summer beach vibes. You can see his music video for, Lover Boy, here.

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