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5 Animals with Adorable Romantic Habits

We all know animals can be cute and funny, but have you ever thought of them as romantic? I’m guessing not. We as humans probably consider ourselves the most emotional creatures and therefore, the most romantic. However, there are some furry, feathery, and finned friends out there that may have us beat. Here are five of those animals with truly adorable romantic habits:


1. Otter

Sea otters actually hold “hands” while sleeping so they don’t float away from each other! A group of them will anchor into a bed of kelp or seaweed and then hook their paws together. As if otters weren’t cute enough already.

2. Penguin

Two species of penguins (the Gentoo and the Adélie) participate in a proposal of sorts. An interested male will present a female with a pebble and if she accepts his gift, they mate for life. Very few species in the animal kingdom (even monogamous ones) remain with the same mate year to year, so penguin love really is a special thing.

3. Seahorse

Seahorses are another rare monogamous animal and the males actually give birth to the young! Male seahorses have a pouch in which the female will deposit the eggs and where the babies will stay until they’re ready to hatch.

4. Bonobo

The bonobo is actually our closest relative (along with chimpanzees). This is one proposed explanation for their human-like behavior. After fights or displays of aggression, bonobos “kiss and make up” through physical affection. They are also an animal species that is not exclusively heterosexual. Relationships occur in all combinations of male-female, female-female, and male-male.

5. Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

This brightly colored bird is very concerned with his first impression. Before courting a female, the male “tidies” his stage, removing any leaf or twig that he doesn’t deem aesthetically pleasing (or that might distract from his performance). Aside from the meticulous cleaning, Wilson’s bird of paradise has a beautiful mating dance to accent its coloring.

I hope this article taught you a thing or two about the animal kingdom and maybe even inspired you to be more romantic in your day-to-day life. There are many lessons we can learn from all the beautiful creatures on this planet, we just need to start paying more attention to them.

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